Roethlisberger’s take: Hamm looks good, Wilson a question mark

Paul HammThree-time U.S. Olympian John Roethlisberger attended one of Paul and Morgan Hamm’s workouts with coach Miles Avery at Ohio State University. He blogged about the experience for Inside Gymnastics Magazine.

The upshot: Paul looks great. Morgan, recovering from a torn pectoralis in his right bicep, is a few weeks ahead of schedule, and Blaine Wilson, who is training with the twins at OSU, is “in great shape as well, although he struggled a little bit on his routines.”

He’s amazing though. His body has been through the wringer, but somehow he keeps going. Even with the struggles, he showed flashes of what made Blaine a three-time Olympian. If he makes his fourth, it will be an amazing feat, and if anyone can do it, Blaine can.

Blaine WilsonP. Hamm and Wilson are competing in the Winter Cup in Las Vegas this weekend. So is nearly every other U.S. man trying to make the Olympic team.

The newly-engaged Morgan posted an announcement and some post-injury training videos on the Hamms’ website, For him, the recovery began a long time ago, but the journey is far from over.

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