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OSU men named academic national champions

November 7, 2007

They may not have won an NCAA team title since 2001, but the Ohio State Buckeyes are tops in the nation on their seventh event: College academics.

The Ohio State Buckeyes are the U.S.'s number one in academics.

Ohio State was named 2007 Academic Team National Championship by the College Gymnastics Association, Ohio State University’s student newspaper reported today.

“It’s been a mission since I came in as a freshman through now my senior year to make sure that’s our priority,” said Jimmy Wickham, a senior in exercise science who competes in all events and finished with a 3.795 grade-point average. “We are student-athletes. The student title comes first.”

The importance of using one’s gymnastics abilities to score a college scholarship has been highlighted recently by Team Gattaca, who have launched a campaign against U.S. men’s coach Kevin Mazeika for allegedly urging top U.S. gymnasts not to attend college in favor of training full time.

At the same time, the number of schools who recognize men’s gymnastics is shrinking, thanks to Title IX requirements and budget cuts. There are now only 17 institutions of higher ed in the U.S. that have Division I men’s gymnastics programs.

Last year, James Madison University in Virginia canned both its men’s and women’s gymnastics programs, joining a long list of schools that have been forced to do the same thing.

(Via Gymnastics Coaching)