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Aleksas Trotter, 1986-2008

April 25, 2008

Aleksas TrotterThis morning came the news that montagemaker, blogger and photographer Aleksas Trotter died unexpectedly in Madison, Wis. on April 19.

He was 21.


NCAA Gymnastics Championships: Game on

April 24, 2008

Ashley PostellOne of the biggest questions about the 2008 NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championships, which begins today in Athens, Ga., is whether Ashley Postell will finally get the NCAA all-around crown many think she richly deserves.

Postell has been Utah’s beacon — and one of the big names in collegiate gymnastics — for the past four years. But she’s always been eclipsed (twice by friend and former teammate Courtney Kupets) for the NCAA all-around title.


Alabama, Oklahoma to NCAAs

April 13, 2008

Morgan DennisSouth Central Regional Report: Alabama scored a 197.3 to take top honors, followed by the University of Oklahoma with a 195.875. 2007 NCAA floor champ Morgan Dennis won the all-around with a 39.625, followed by teammate Ricki Lebegern with a 39.3.

Bama, of course, was without Terin Humphrey, who retired a few weeks ago after dealing with an injury all season.

Alabama sophomore Kassi Price had a very good meet, placing first on bars and beam. Dennis was first on vault and tied Oklahoma’s Kiara Redmond-Sturms for the floor title.


Utah’s April Fools article

April 1, 2008

The April Fool’s edition is a tradition at many college newspapers. On April 1, student journalists fill a real version of their newspaper with fake news. It’s a great opportunity to be creative in places where “news” stories are often less than fascinating.

The Daily Utah Chronicle has run an April Fool’s piece today on the Utah women’s gymnastics team, highlighting Sarah Shire’s departure from the team last season.


Terin and the Khorkina

March 19, 2008

One other thing about Terin Humphrey: She was among the first to perform the Khorkina II vault in something other than a tucked position. The girls taking the video ponder whether it was truly laid out, and indeed the video itself is labeled as a “pike,” but still, impressive.

China’s Cheng Fei, who admittedly does it much more cleanly than Humphrey did here at the 2003 Parkette Invitational, had the laid-out skill named after her at the 2005 World Championships.

Terin Humphrey, 2003 Parkette Invitational, Vault:

Terin Humphrey: The moments

March 19, 2008

Terin HumphreyCarly Patterson was the “it” girl, the one with the big chance to become the next Mary Lou Retton.

Courtney McCool was the upstart senior with the impeccable form who some thought could win it all for herself.

Courtney Kupets was an amazing comeback story — the girl who had weathered a potentially career-ending injury and come back better than she’d been before, all in less than a year.

Mohini Bhardwaj had defied all odds and made an Olympic team eight years after she was expected to be at her prime.

Annia Hatch was living the American dream.

And Terin Humphrey was the girl, who despite not being a particular Olympic favorite (some doubted she’d make the team, given that the USA had so much talent to choose from) wound up standing on a podium in Athens all by herself with a silver medal around her neck.


Humphrey’s career over?

March 18, 2008

Alabama coach Sarah Patterson told Huntsville Times reporter Paul Gattis that Bama senior Terin Humphrey’s back injury may keep her out of post-season competition.

Humphrey, the two-time Olympic silver medalist from Missouri, is also the reigning NCAA bars champion.

“At this point, they are pretty much slim and none,” Tide coach Sarah Patterson said this morning of Humphrey returning to the lineup.

Patterson also said the Tide has mentally moved on with the assumption Humphrey won’t be available the rest of the season.

UNC’s Catherine Nguyen — very nice beam set

March 10, 2008

With Georgia’s Courtney Kupets out for the season and Alabama’s Terin Humphrey painfully working her way through her senior year, there may be a little room at the top for gymnasts like University of North Carolina sophomore Christine Nguyen at this year’s NCAA Championships.

Check out Nguyen’s beamwork — some big skills, with almost everything solid and taken to the maximum.

Christine Nguyen, 2007 SEC Championships, Balance Beam:

Nguyen trained with Nastia Liukin at WOGA Gymnastics in Plano, Texas, as an elite. Her younger sister Catherine has committed to competing for Stanford next year.

2008 USAG Hall of Fame Inductees

March 6, 2008

Carly Patterson helped the U.S. women win the team title at the 2003 World Championships.The golden 2003 U.S. women’s World Championship team headlines the 2008 inductees into the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame.

Members of the 2003 World team were Carly Patterson, Hollie Vise, Courtney Kupets, Terin Humphrey, Chellsie Memmel, Annia Hatch, Ashley Postell and Tasha Schwikert.

The 2003 Worlds were the U.S. women’s greatest world championship triumph up to that point, but early on it looked like it might become a disaster. Humphrey and Memmel, the team’s alternates, and were substituted in when Postell became ill and Kupets tore her Achilles in training. Hatch tore her ACL the day before the competition but is still considered a member of the team.

Other Hall of Fame inductees this year include:

Olympians Jessica Davis of San Anselmo, Calif. (rhythmic), Marie Walther Bilski of Tempe, Ariz. (women’s), and Wayne Young of Pleasant Grove, Utah (men’s); synchronized trampoline and double mini-trampoline world champion Stuart Ransom of Southaven, Miss.; two-time NCAA champion Brent Simmons of Columbus, Ind. (men’s); women’s artistic gymnastics coach Mary Lee Tracy of West Chester, Ohio; and contributor Wendy Hilliard of New York City. Kenneth Allen of Oshkosh, Wis., is the 2008 Lifetime Achievement recipient in recognition of his contributions to gymnastics.

Their biographies are listed on the Hall of Fame’s website.


Gymnasts and ink

January 29, 2008

It seems that tattoos are more popular in gymnastics than one might think.

Three-time U.S. Olympian Blaine Wilson wasn't shy about his tattoos.Blaine Wilson, the poster child rebellious gymnast, competed with his ankle wrapped top shield judges’ eyes from his tattoo, a cartoon character grasping the letters OSU (presumably for Ohio State University, Wilson’s alma mater.) 2004 Olympian Mohini Bhardwaj did likewise.

Terin Humphrey had the Olympic rings tattooed on her left shoulderblade.After the 2004 Olympics, Terin Humphrey had the Olympic rings tattooed just below her right shoulderblade. Bhardwaj also later had the rings tattooed on her left wrist.

Add to this line of inked gymnasts nearly every member of the Penn State University men’s team. Penn State won the NCAA Championship in 2007 and quickly followed what has apparently become a Nittany Lion tradition, its student newspaper The Collegian reported.

When most teams win national championships, they slip on rings, raise trophies and let out a season’s worth of tension partying. The Penn State men’s gymnastics team celebrated a bit differently.

They got tattoos.

The players adopted the idea from Penn State teams that had won national championships in 2000 and 2004.

“Before I came to Penn State, I saw the guys from 2004 who had them and I always told my family and friends from home, ‘I want a tattoo and a ring,’ ” junior Josh Borromeo said. “That was the main reason that I came here.”