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Martha Karolyi part II

May 22, 2008

Martha Karolyi…on Inside Gymnastics Magazine’s website now. The second and juicier installment contains Martha-isms on Chellsie Memmel, Darling Hill and, a bit surprisingly, Chelsea Davis, a protege of Karolyi’s one-time protege Kim Zmeskal.

Q: There are a lot of established stars vying for Olympic berths. Are there any up-and-comers who could make this team?

A: Well, some younger girls certainly are doing very, very nice effort[s].

One of the young ones who was probably nowhere last year is Chelsea Davis, Kim Zmeksal’s gymnast. She [is] just turning 16 this year. Just the same age as Shawn, but last year [Chelsea] wasn’t at this level. … She would be one who is the youngest and is just breaking in.

Then a few girls have some good events. Like Darling Hill has a very nice floor routine or (Randy) Stageberg has also a very good floor routine and a good vault.

So when the last trial comes and the last decision has to be made for the team, some people could play some role, depending what may be the team’s needs.

It will not necessarily be a straight rank order. Because, first of all, you take your strongest girls and you plug those in. And they’re locked in, because it is absolutely necessary for the team results, and then you will have to fill up some spots. And if some girl is good on two events and exactly on those two events you need, you would use [that girl]. But if the team is already strong on those two events it is too bad for them, because they will not be needed, even though they have a harder exercise.

… That’s how it works. It’s pretty complicated from the outside, but when it comes down the stretch it simplifies. It is so interesting on a line-up meeting, which we are doing all together with the coaches, I’m coming up with a plan and I say, ‘This is how I see, and how I feel and this is what we should do,’ and, pretty much, [the other coaches] feel the same. Because things clear up, very much, at the end.

Posted a trifle belatedly.

Extra: Martha Karolyi’s fake MySpace. Bela has one too, but Martha’s is better. This never gets old.

Memmel’s big scoring potential shouldn’t be overlooked

April 22, 2008

It’s easy to underestimate Chellsie Memmel.

Chellsie MemmelFew gymnasts are given less credit for being World Champion. Maybe it’s because she basically tied for the title with Nastia Liukin in 2005 at a time when many thought Liukin was more artistic and easier to watch.

It’s easy to forget that she nearly accomplished the same feat in 2006, leading eventual World Champion Vanessa Ferrari after the qualifying round. Ferrari went on to become the first World all-around champion in memory to count a fall during the all-around finals, something that hasn’t upped her credibility much since Aarhus either.


More dish from Dasha

March 26, 2008

Dasha JouraAustralian Daria Joura, in the U.S. to compete at the Friendship Classic at the Pacific Rim Championships this weekend, explains in her regular column for PerthNow why she competed only a Yurchenko full on vault at the friendship.

The reason: A dislocated middle finger.

Then there were adjustments to our competitive routines that were appropriate for our readiness and the environment we were in. There was a slight mishap in competition warmup on Vault when I dislocated the top joint in my middle finger. Stepping off the landing mats and informing my coach of the rearrangement to my anatomy, some time passed before the medical representative was to be found. It proved a futile exercise, because it seems she was just that, a representative.

She was not authorised to fix my problem and at this moment I was grateful for all the times I intentionally sought to gross out my coach with bleeding rips and the like. For someone so easily led to queasiness, she did the best job in popping it back in. I was very proud!


And the award for breakout American Cup performance goes to…

March 4, 2008

Barring something major, we knew Nastia Liukin, Shawn Johnson and Paul  Hamm would do well at the American Cup.

With a bronze in her pocket from the 2008 American Cup, Samantha Peszek is one American on the rise.It was easy to be less sure of Samantha Peszek, fifth at the 2007 Cup preliminaries, who also overcame a 10th place finish on day one at the 2007 U.S. Championships to make the World team and become the preeminent of the U.S.’s bubble girls for a spot on this summer’s Olympic team.

Peszek helped her Olympic cause a lot this weekend. And no routine punctuated it better than her beam set, a 16.1 effort that earned her a new title as a “beamer” from Marta Karolyi.

Samantha Peszek, 2008 American Cup, Balance Beam:

That title is probably more important than the one Peszek was competing for Saturday. Alicia Sacramone had her breakout beam moment at the 2007 World Championships, when she hit solid routines both days and proved she could be an asset to team USA on more than just vault and floor. Those happen to be Peszek’s best events as well, and she happened to have a similar day Saturday.

As a gymnast, Peszek is a little Sacramone, a little Vanessa Atler, a little Amanda Borden rolled into one. And she’s only getting better. At the Cup, she also showed a new floor routine which much improved music.

Samantha Peszek, 2008 American Cup, Floor Exercise:

Samantha Peszek, 2008 Olympian? Could happen.