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A question for the ages

August 5, 2008

Samantha Shapiro, Jordyn Wieber, Rebecca Bross. The big three of the U.S. Junior team are poised to do great things in 2009 — or 2011, when Wieber, the current junior national champion, comes of senior age.

Some commenters on this blog have noted that they enjoy seeing “mature” gymnastics. Many fans lament that a bunch of cool tricks without artistry does not make a good routine.

So here’s the question: If there were no age limit, who would make up the U.S. women’s team?

(Note: This doesn’t seem to affect the men. Paul and Morgan Hamm, 17 in Beijing, were practically infants. Dmitri Bilozertchev, 16 at the 1983 World Championships, was all of 20 when he made his amazing comeback in 1987. The fact is that male gymnasts usually peak in their 20s because they don’t have the power necessary to do big skills at age 13.)

Young Americans shine at 2007 Junior Pan American Games

November 27, 2007

Hard to believe Shawn Johnson and Samantha Peszek were competing at last fall’s junior Pan American Games.

Samantha Peszek, 2006 Junior Pan American Games, Floor Exercise:

It just goes to show what can happen in a year.

And it makes one wonder if one or more of the fantastic four the U.S. women sent to this year’s Pan American Games — Jordyn Wieber, Olivia Courtney, Mattie Larson and Chelsea Davis — could be in store for a similar fate.

The fact that they’re still competing as juniors about six months before the Olympic Trials (though Courtney, Davis and Larson are all age-eligible for Beijing) makes me think it would be nearly impossible for them to make enough of a first year splash on the senior circuit within the next six months to be chosen for the team.

Nonetheless, all are impressive, and are likely to be among the frontrunners in 2009. Particularly Wieber, who at age 12 is throwing almost all the difficulty of a Johnson.