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The Battle in Seattle

March 3, 2008

Seeing great local gymnastics is fairly easy if you can find a regional competition nearby.

Coaches John and Tami Carney, of Gymnastics East of Bellevue in the Seattle suburbs, wondered why there were no such competitions in the nation’s Northwest corner.

Their solution: The first ever Battle in Seattle last weekend. The Harley Davidson-themed meet featured judges in biker-chick wear (No, really. As one spectator standing nearby put it, “Wow, they really look like they belong wearing that stuff.”)

The girls from the home team sported shiny black leos with silver spangles and circular cut outs on the sleeves. The winners got Harley Davidson jackets donated by the sponsor.

It was to say that it was a Gymnastics Event. Even University of Washington coaches Joanne Bowers and David McCreary turned up to watch the festivities.

The gymnasts obviously thought so too. Several level 10s clustered around John Carney after the meet to thank him, saying things like “This is the biggest meet I’ve ever been in!”

Cool skills spotted at the Battle:

— One and a half twisting Yurchenko

— Bhardwaj on bars (full-twisting Pac salto)

— McCool mount on beam

— Silivas mount on beam

— Full pirouette to Deltchev on bars

— Back walkover to one’s elbows on beam

In fact, there was more variety in the skills at this meet, which did not have an elite component, than there are in many bigger meets.

A Canadian, a Czech and an American sign with Stanford

November 29, 2007

Canadian national team member Alyssa Brown, Czech national team member Nicole Pechanec and WOGA standout Catherine Nguyen have all signed letters of intent to compete for Stanford in during the 2008-09 season, Cardinal head coach Kristen Smyth announced last week.

Brown recently told International Gymnast Magazine she’s planning to go for one of the two spots on the Canadian Olympic team. According to Stanford’s press release, Brown has already secured an invitation to the 2008 American Cup.

Alyssa Brown, 2007 Canadian Championships, Uneven Bars:

Pechanec, who trains at the Parkettes in Pennsylvania under Bill and Donna Strauss and mom Yvette, brings a lot of international experience. Representing the Czech Republic, Pechanec won the balance beam title at the 2007 Ostrava World Cup and was a team member at the 2006 and 2007 World Championships.

Nicole Pechanec, 2006 World Championships, Uneven Bars (note the unusual third release move):

Nguyen trains at WOGA under Evgeny Marchenko and Natalya Boyarskaya. Her sister Christine is a sophomore competitor for the University of North Carolina.

Catherine Nguyen’s stylish floor exercise from day one of the 2007 U.S. Championships:

In other NCAA news, the University of Washington, looking to rebuild its once dominant position in the Pac-10, has signed four for 2009. Coach Joanne Bowers, a transplant from the University of Michigan, already has an impressive freshman class this year consisting of Karen Cain, Danielle Henderson, Samantha Walior, Haley Bogart and Kristen Linton.

The Huskies will be adding Lauren Eller, Hatsune “Hats” Akaogi, Amanda Cline and Ruby Engreitz to their lineup in 2009.