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Jennie Thompson reflects

June 4, 2008

Jennie ThompsonJust in time for the Olympic Games, Inside Gymnastics Magazine is running a series of profiles on…people who never made an Olympic team.

What an original idea. This is the time of the quadrennium when we remember people like Mary Lou Retton, whose agent probably fields about five phone calls a day from reporters who want her to give a blow-by-blow of her Los Angeles experience.

While Retton’s story is terrific, there are a lot more that aren’t told. Inside’s interview with Jennie Thompson, who might have been a two-time Olympian had things been just a little different, is excellent.

Among other things, we learn:

— Jennie and husband Clint are pregnant with their first child (due at the end of the month)
— Jennie thought about the 1996 Olympic Trials as “just another meet”
— Jennie coaches at Northwest Gymnastics in Spokane, Wash.