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Olympic parade

June 30, 2008

Australian Daria Joura
More and more countries are naming their Olympic qualifiers. Here are the latest, in alphabetical order by country:

Women: Daria Joura, Lauren Mitchell, Shona Morgan, Ashleigh Brennan, Georgia Bonora and Olivia Vivian. Alternate: Emma Dennis.

Men: Sam Simpson

Women: Jade Barbosa, Daiane dos Santos, Daniele Hypolito, Lais Souza, Ana Claudia Silva, Ethiene Franco, Juliana Santos

Men: Diego Hypolito

Great Britain:
Women: Beth Tweddle, Becky Downie, Laura Jones, Marissa King, Hannah Whelan, Rebecca Wing. Alternates: Imogen Cairns and Kayleigh Cooke

Men: Louis Smith and Daniel Keatings

Why Jade Barbosa will not contend for the Olympic all-around title

April 20, 2008

Please see here.

Alas, the same likely applies to Barbosa.

Jade Barbosa, 2008 Cottbus Cup Event Finals, Uneven Bars:

Cottbus Cup: Alive and then some

April 13, 2008

Brazilian Jade Barbosa watered down at the Cottbus CupWhen I started reading International Gymnast Magazine back in the mid-1990s, one of the first articles I came across was about the decline of the Cottbus Cup.

This was 1997. The field that year was particularly weak, and as memory serves, IG pondered if the competition might not go the same way as other smaller comps — i.e. into non-existence.


Wrapping up the 2008 Europeans

April 9, 2008

Vanessa FerrariNorthernriver at Difficulty Plus Execution has it right:

…It still looks like Shawn doesn’t have any brutal competition for that all-around title, even with Nastia upgrading uneven bars like crazy. With Steliana Nistor still competing all-around at about the same level that she did at Worlds, and Vanessa Ferrari stumbling along…one wonders how Jade Barbosa is doing.

Ferrari didn’t have the best competition, but even with the fall on beam in team finals, what she displayed was a heck of a lot better than at earlier meets this season. She’d save herself a big deduction if only she’d do a regular full turn on beam instead of grabbing her leg, though.

Vanessa Ferrari, 2008 European Championships Team Finals, Balance Beam:

Johnson, Hambuchen named Gymnasts of the Year

February 11, 2008

2007 World Champion Shawn Johnson2007 World Champion Shawn Johnson and world runner-up Fabian Hambuchen are International Gymnast Magazine’s Gymnasts of the Year, IG publisher and International Gymnastics Hall of Fame CEO Paul Ziert announced on the magazine’s website today.

Johnson, who went virtually undefeated all last year, has racked up nearly as many honors. She and coach Liang Chow were given keys to the city of Des Moines, Iowa, and Iowa Governor Chet Culver proclaimed Oct. 17, 2007 as Shawn Johnson Day.

Germany's Fabian Hambuchen

Hambuchen was named Germany’s Sportsman of the Year in December.

Also nominated for Gymnast of the Year were two-time U.S. champion Nastia Liukin, Brazil’s Jade Barbosa, China’s Cheng Fei and Romania’s Steliana Nistor for the women, and 2007 World Champion Yang Wei, U.S. standout Jonathan Horton, Japan’s Hisashi Mizutori and Slovenia’s Mitja Petkovsek for the men.

Men’s artistic gymnastics: 12 to watch in ’08

January 16, 2008

Brazil's Diego Hypolito

For men’s gymnastics, the 2008 Olympic Games seem to loom as a competition where old scores are literally to be settled. The judging scandals that plauged the men’s events in Athens in 2004 — in the all-around, on high bar, parallel bars and still rings — seem to have kept many athletes in the gym and training for redemption in Beijing. (more…)

Barbosa unveils new second vault

December 18, 2007

Brazil's Jade Barbosa is one of the best in the world on vault.

Brazilian standout Jade Barbosa’s Amanar vault was impressive at the 2007 World Championships in Stuttgart, Germany.

Now, thanks to Youtube user Brunabittencourt, the world can see her new second vault — a Cheng, which Barbosa seems to have competed recently.

Cheng Fei officially has competition for the Olympic vault title.

A comparison:

Jade Barbosa, 2007 World Championships All-Around, Vault:

Cheng Fei, 2007 World Championships Event Finals, Vault:

Elizarova: Beijing spoiler?

November 21, 2007

Of all the Russian juniors who seem to have disappeared off the face of the Earth, I wonder most about 16-year-old Daria Elizarova, who was on the start list for the 2007 World Championships but did not compete.

Elizarova’s toepoint and presentation are reminiscent of the great Lilia Podkopayeva’s.

Lilia Podkopayeva, 1996 Olympic Games All-Around, Floor Exercise:

Daria Elizarova, 2006 Junior European Championships Team Final, Floor Exercise:

The obvious competitiors for all-around gold in Athens have presented themselves: Shawn Johnson, Nastia Liukin, Vanessa Ferrari, Jade Barbosa, Steliana Nistor and Pang Panpan if she’s in her 2006 form.

Gymnastics fans will now spend the winter months exhausting every possible upset scenario before the American Cup in March gives a better picture of how things stand.

Elizarova, who will be competing at the mini-Olympics that the Good Luck Beijing test event is turning into, should be scenario number one.

It’s over.

November 17, 2007

If she throws an Amanar, Shawn Johnson is likely to win the all-around competition in Beijing.

That’s right. The 2008 Olympic all-around competition is over.

An interview with Chow Liang by International Gymnast Magazine editor Dwight Normile affirmed that Chow’s prodigy, 2007 World Champion Shawn Johnson, will soon be back to full training following treatment for a stress reaction in her right shin.

“World champion gymnast suffers slight injury, gets better, returns to training” isn’t the news. What is, as Normile gently reminds readers, is that Johnson has and may continue working on her Amanar — a Yurchenko vault with 2.5 twists — which she came within a few seconds of performing at the U.S. Championships in August.

Chow couldn’t say what changes, if any, he would make in Johnson’s routines for 2008, but we might see her upgrade to a 2-1/2-twisting Yurchenko on vault. After all, she almost competed it at the Visa Championships last August. “We did it during the warm-up,” Chow said. “I almost had her do it — almost. I probably felt one month short (of preparation) back then. I didn’t want to take any risk.”

Johnson probably doesn’t need to do an Amanar to win the all-around in Beijing. But if she does, it would put everyone else nearly out of contention to catch her.

The 2008 all-around champ -- and this event is why.

At the 2007 Worlds, Johnson won by 1.25 points over Romanian Steliana Nistor and was 1.325 ahead of bronze medalists Jade Barbosa and Vanessa Ferrari, both of whom would have placed above Nistor had Barbosa not fallen on floor and Ferrari on bars.

But even crediting Barbosa and Ferrari with eight tenths by assuming their mistakes were flukes, Johnson is still pacing the field by more than half a point.

Risk of injury aside, Johnson has almost nothing to lose by competing this vault. Whether or not she stands it up, if she can get credit for attempting an Amanar, her start value on vault will balloon by seven-tenths of a point. If does stand it up, even with a huge hop or lunge backward, she’s going to get a score that’s out of this world. They might as well mail the gold to Iowa as soon as her feet hit the ground.

Recall Barbosa’s 15.9 for a decent Yuchenko 2.5 during the all-around final. Johnson got a 15.175 for a nice DTY.

Jade Barbosa, 2007 World Championships All-Around, Vault:

Shawn Johnson, 2007 World Championships All-Around, Vault:

We may see silver and bronze contenders attempting two-and-a-halfs just to get the start value boost. It’s almost surprising we haven’t seen it yet. Of the top 10 in Stuttgart, only Johnson, Barbosa and maybe Ferrari look as though they have what it takes to land that vault on their feet.

Barbosa would be a threat, as her tumbling is equally difficult, but she’s proven less consistent on her better events, and the small form breaks she gives away on bars and beam will likely keep her chasing Johnson. Although this might be selling the 2006 World champ a bit short, it doesn’t seem like Ferrari has quite enough power to do an Amanar.

Vanessa Ferrari, 2007 World Championships Team Finals, Vault:

Why is it that vault, arguably the least exciting event, always seems to decide these things? In 1984, it gave Mary Lou Retton the gold and enduring fame. In 2000, it cost Svetlana Khorkina what was basically presumed to be “her” victory. In 2008, it may well seal Shawn Johnson’s.

It’s almost funny — if either Alicia Sacramone or Cheng Fei threw a triple twisting Yurchenko, their scores would be so high as to put them in contention for the all-around gold, despite the deficiencies both have on bars.