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Helping Taylor Lindsay-Noel

September 8, 2008

Olympian Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs trained with Taylor Lindsey-Noel at Sport Seneca in Toronto.

Olympian Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs trained with Taylor Lindsey-Noel at Sport Seneca in Toronto.

Gymnastics Coaching was the first to blog about Canadian hopeful Taylor Lindsey-Noel’s paralysis after a bars dismount went awry in training in July.

It’s always sad to read about young people being injured in gymnastics, but coming in the wake of all the Olympic glory, the story of Lindsey-Noel, a 2012 hopeful who trained at Sport Seneca with Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs and Peng-Peng Lee, feels especially tragic.

Toronto Star opinion columnist Royson James and Lindsay-Noel’s mother Rowena both seemed outraged at the small amount of attention Lindsey-Noel’s injury initially got. But thanks to James’ article, coupled with this one in the Globe and Mail, Taylor’s story is spreading around — including to one big-hearted person, who donated $10,000 to her cause.

Just yesterday, a donor sent $10,000 to the Star to bolster the trust fund set up to assist Olympics-bound gymnast Taylor Lindsay-Noel, 14, in her battle to walk again.

“In your article, you described the perfect and decent human being. Her tragic injury pains me,” reads the handwritten note accompanying the cheque. “Please forward this to Taylor and family in their need of support. More people should have moments of compassion; it would make them more human.”

When they talk about her bieng a 2012 hopeful, they weren’t kidding. According to a very old thread from the Gymnastics Gossip Message Board (GGMB), in 2007 Taylor’s tumbling passes were a double layout, double Arabian, 1.5 to layout front, double tuck side pass and a double pike. At 13. This kid was undoubtedly on her way up.

Taylor’s injury is preceded by that of Dutch junior Imke Glas and China’s Wang Yan, who also sustained a major injury on a bars dismount. Both can walk today.

Best of luck to Taylor in her recovery.

Dutch gymnast likely paralyzed

November 1, 2007

Sad news today from Rick at Gymnastics Coaching: 13-year-old Dutch gymnast Imke Glas is likely paralyzed after crashing on vault in training last Friday.

Holland’s De Telegraaf newspaper posted an article on Glas’ condition that was translated into English on the Gym Chat messageboard. According to the translation, Glas broke her neck in the accident and has not been able to move her hands or legs since.

I asked a relative who is fluent in Dutch to provide a translation of De Telegraaf’s article.

Top Gymnastics Star Imke Glas Paralyzed

Amsterdam – Top gymnastics star Imke Glas incurred a broken neck after an unfortunate vault while training. The Glas family discloses that it is uncertain whether the 13-year old top talent from Broek op Laqngedijk will again be able to move. The misfortune occurred Friday afternoon.

“Dear everyone, here’s a little news item about Imke. She slept well last night; this did her some good. She looked a little better, a bit more color in her cheeks. It is the weekend, so in the VU [hospital] there is not much going on. A bit of physio to move her legs and to see if she feels anything with it. So also with her arms, she still can’t do much with her hands but her arms are especially strong. Her legs feel being touched but that says nothing about her strength in her legs. They laid her on her side today, both the left and right, so that she does not always lie in the same position.”

“Imke is exceptionally brave, courageous and strong,” the family goes on. On her webpge Imke’s colleagues and friends give her support. “I got chickenflesh [compare “goosebumps” in English] when I heard about it, and now still when I think about it.”

Her club Bato in Haarlem has opened a webpage to give Imke support.

According to her personal website,, Imke was training 27 hours per week.

Imke Glas, career highlights: