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Rate Bela’s performance on NBC

August 21, 2008

Is he a 10 as a broadcaster?

Bela Karolyi: Is he a 10 as a broadcaster?

My feelings at seeing Bela Karolyi beside Bob Costas on NBC were mixed — he has wonderful charisma and energy that makes a person get excited about gymnastics, but I disagreed with some of his statements.

Should he become a regular on NBC, or was he a bit too over the top?

Also, with regards to this blog’s recent dig at the Karolyis comparing them to Bill and Hillary Clinton, the statements come from a blogger who has huge respect for both couples (and one who leans to the left politically, though that’s neither here nor there.)

My point was simply that these are two controversial couples who have achieved great things for the country and gymnastics respectively, but who both tend to whine a bit when things don’t go their way.

And yes, gymnastics fans may be a little sick of Barta, the same way politicos may have thought Billary pushed things a little too far when campaigning this spring. But that doesn’t detract from their accomplishments, nor the fact that both genuinely seem to be trying to do the right things for their constituencies.

Up next: A few thoughts regarding event finals.