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The British are coming!

June 3, 2008

Beth Tweddle may be the Queen of England (and much of the rest of the world) on the uneven bars, but she’s not the only British gymnast to have some swing.

Daniel Keatings, 2008 Junior European Championships Team Final/All-Around, Pommel Horse:

Louis Smith, 2008 Cottbus Cup, Pommel Horse:

Either could make event finals in Beijing on this event, but Keatings’ fantastic line and swing are really impressive.

Speaking of Tweddle, have you seen her new bar routine? Everyone else has.

Beth Tweddle, 2008 British Team Championships, Uneven Bars:

Tweddle doesn’t get the amplitude of a Kupets or a Liukin on her release moves, particularly the Geinger and the Yezhova (are we calling it a Yezhova or a Sofronie, by the way?) It’s forgivable because they’re mostly done in combination with other releases, and perhaps also because it brings one back to a bygone era of uneven bars when amplitude wasn’t as important as daring and originality.

Gabriela Fahnrich, 1985 World Championships Event Finals, Uneven Bars: