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Aisha Gerber to become a Bruin

May 23, 2008

Aisha GerberAisha Gerber, the expressive Canadian who was third at the 2006 American Cup has signed a letter of intent to compete for UCLA next winter, reports.

In a statement, UCLA coach Valorie Kondos-Field compared Gerber to former Bruin Yvonne Tousek, one of the most expressive and unique gymnasts of her generation.

“Aisha embodies all that we pride ourselves on at UCLA. She is a brilliant and serious student of academics as well as of gymnastics. She also exudes confidence, poise and elegance, much like her fellow Canadian and past Bruin Yvonne Tousek.”


Tanella, Gerber give a clinic in expressive floor routines

February 5, 2008

Yes, Virginia, you can do an expressive floor routine with a code of points that forces many to do double fulls as side passes.

Cases in point: The dramatic Christa Tanella of World Olympic Gymnastics Academy in Plano, Texas, and Aisha Gerber, formerly of Cambridge Kips and Elvira Saadi in Ontario, now with Canadian great Kyle Shewfelt’s coach, Kelly Manjak, at Oakville Gymnastics.

Christa Tanella, 2007 U.S. Championships Prelims, Floor Exercise:

Aisha Gerber, 2007 Elite Canada Event Finals, Floor Exercise:

Gerber told International Gymnast Magazine in December that she would be trying for one of the two spots on Canada’s Olympic team, likely as a vault and floor specialist. She’s one of the few Canadians to ever throw a double-twisting Yurchenko in competition, and that expressive floor routine is likely to win fans over to her cause.

As far as the Olympics go, Gerber’s got strong competition from reigning Canadian champion Kristina Vaculik and 2006 World bronze medalist Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs. In her bid to make the Canadian team, Gerber is planning to upgrade to a double layout (or maybe double Arabian) on floor.

Canada’s Cambridge Kips is ‘Sports Organization of the Year’

November 6, 2007

Cambridge Kips, the gym that sprung Canadians Yvonne Tousek, Crystal Gilmore and Aisha Gerber onto the international gymnastics scene, has been named Sports Organization of the Year, according to the Cambridge, Ontario Times.

Currently, more than 1,400 female and male athletes are registered in the various recreational and competitive programs, with many participating in classes several times a week. While working to reinvent the club – with new programs and equipment upgrades – numbers continue to climb, making it one of the fastest growing clubs in the country.

Hopefully the Canadian women’s failure to qualify a full team to the Olympics doesn’t dampen its citizens’ enthusiasm for the sport.

Kips’ success is likely largely due to head coach Elvira Saadi, she of the highly original and expressive floor choreography that has graced the routines of several Canadian notables of the past 15 years.

Gerber, the latest Canadian star to train with the Kips, left to train with Sue and Kelly Manjak at the Oakville Gymnastics Club. In 2006, when still training with Saadi, she was extremely impressive at the American Cup, finishing third behind Nastia Liukin and Shayla Worley. She continued her success by performing at the 2006 Pacific Alliance Championships even though she had been quite ill and unable to take penicillin, and later competed at the Ghent World Cup.

Unfortunately, she appeared to have regressed some by this year’s Canadian Championships and was not on the World team.

Aisha Gerber, 2006 American Cup, Floor Exercise:

Aisha Gerber, 2007 Canadian Championships, Partial Floor Exercise: