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On the World Cup, day two

December 14, 2008

Once again International Gymnast leads the field in providing up-to-the-minute coverage of the World Cup. If you couldn’t catch it live, this is a very good alternative.

The home Spanish crowd got a nice boost when their countryman Issac Botella tied for the bronze on vault (with Russian Anton Golotsutskov, 16.075 each.) Botella showed a Kasamatsu 1.5 and a handspring double front. Golotsutskov showed a Tsuk double pike and the same second vault as Botella.

Olympic silver medalist Thomas Bouhail of France won the event, despite putting his hand down on his Tsuk double pike. He nailed his Dragulescu (16.575, the highest score of the competition thusfar, for a 16.225 average). Jeffrey Wammes of the Netherlands, a capable young gymnast who did not qualify for Beijing for various reasons, was second with a 2.5 Yurchenko and a handspring front double full (the same vault Raj Bhavsar used.)

On beam, up and coming Aussie Lauren Mitchell narrowly edged Russian Yulia Lozhechko for the title, 15.25-15.2. It’s nice to see Lozhechko, who was left off the Russian Olympic team for reasons that sounded like continuing discipline problems, is still competing, even if this wasn’t the 2007 European beam champion’s best effort. China’s Li Shanshan, who’s amazing when she stays on, suffered a few little wobbles and a low landing on her double pike to place third with a 15.15.

Other notable performances: Ukranian Daria Zgoba balked on her dismount, performing only a layout, Sandra Izbasa was OK but not spectacular for a 14.925, Cheng Fei looked completely distracted (13.825) and Brazil’s Daniele Hypolito may have received the lowest score of the final (13.425) but is probably relieved it wasn’t an 11-something like she had yesterday on bars.

On parallel bars, China’s young Feng Zhe turned in a spectacular 15.775, matched by French p-bar specialist Yann Cuchrat. Ukraine’s Valery Goncharov was nearly as good, scoring 15.675 for third. Every man in this final dismounted with a double pike.

Floor: Cheng Fei redeemed! The two-time world floor champ didn’t need to throw her biggest tricks (namely the Silivas) to outscore the field with a 15.375. Teammate and Olympic floor finalist Jiang Yuyuan threw a quadruple turn and dazzled everyone with her presentation for second (15.225). Tired-seeming Olympic floor champion Sandra Izbasa, who’s been in a hell of a lot of meets since the Olympics, was decent but not at her best (15.0, third).

Slovenian Aljaz Pagan, who unless he continues on to 2012 will always be the gymnast who really, really deserved to go to an Olympic Games, scratched from this WC final because of a back injury, a.

At his best, Pagan probably could have beaten Dutchman Epke Zonderland, an Olympic HB finalist who is just getting better and better. Zonderland took the title here with a 16.175, more than one-third of a point ahead of Philippe Rizzo of Australia (15.875). This one wasn’t even close.

In his final competition, Japan’s Hiroyuki Tomita finished a distant third after falling out of his double-twisting double layout dismount (15.325). It was not the way for one of the sport’s great champions to go out.

Joura charges to lead at Good Luck Beijing Invitational

November 28, 2007

Australian Daria Joura is on a roll.

Australian Daria Joura is coming on strong as 2007 draws to a close.

Fresh off her floor exercise gold at last month’s DBT Cup, Joura is leading the field after the preliminary round of competition at the Good Luck Beijing International Invitational, otherwise known as the Beijing Test Event.

The Invitational is being treated like a mini-Olympics, which in some ways it is. All it really needs is more of the world’s top competitiors, but enough impact gymnasts are there to make it interesting.

Second behind Joura by a little less than half a point is American rookie Bridget Sloan, the designated alternate of the Super Seven Stuttgart group, while 2007 Worlds competitor Jiang Yuyuan is third.

The competition is also the comeback ground of 2005 World Champion Chellsie Memmel (fourth after preliminaries) and 2006 almost World Champion Pang Panpan (fifth, competing exhibition only.)

Chellsie Memmel

Both sat out the 2007 Worlds nursing injuries, but both could have a huge impact this summer — provided they make their respective Olympic teams.

The Romanian effort continues to be shockingly subpar. Top Romanian qualifier Andreea Grigoire is sitting in 16th place after scoring only a 54.975 over four events.

China’s Cheng Fei was the top qualifier on vault (15.15) and floor exercise (15.0), while 2007 European bars champion Daria Zgoba qualified first on that event (15.8). Memmel earned the highest score on balance beam (15.525).

China's Cheng Fei

(via International Gymnast Online)