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Memmel injured, Yelizerova out

August 3, 2008

After a relatively quiet week as teams made final preparations and flew out to the Beijing vicinity, news exploded Sunday.

The excellent International Gymnast Magazine has two announcements that potentially alter the Olympic picture: First, that American Chellsie Memmel has sustained an ankle injury and may be limited to competing on uneven bars only. No word as to how she injured the ankle.

Second, there’s the fact that Lyudmila Yezhova Grebenkova has reportedly replaced Daria Yelizerova on Beijing’s Olympic roster. Again, no real explanations.

So, specualtion ensues. If Memmel’s injury makes her into the Paul Hamm of the women’s team (i.e. she withdraws from the team) which alternate would be tapped to replace her?

Daria Yelizarova: Chance for Beijing?

July 22, 2008

As a junior, Russian Daria Yelizerova seemed the perfect marriage between Lilia Podkopayeva’s clean, balletic style and Yekaterina Lobaznyuk’s charming choreography.

Daria Yelizerova, 2006 Junior European Championships Team Finals/All Around, Floor Exercise:

I’m surprised to see she hasn’t gotten a new floor routine since her elfin junior days, but it would be fun to watch this in Beijing.

Daria Yelizerova, 2008 Russian Championships, Floor Exercise:

No Olympics for Lozhechko

July 22, 2008

Russian Yulia Lozhechko on her best event.

From International Gymnast Magazine:

While the Russian women’s Olympic team has yet to be officially announced, veteran Yulia Lozhechko won’t be going to Beijing, head coach Andrei Rodionenko said Monday.

Lozhechko, the 2007 European Champion on balance beam, has lost all chances for the 2008 Olympics. Ksenia Afanasyeva, Yekaterina Kramarenko, Anna Pavlova and Ksenia Semyonova already have secured berths, and Svetlana Klyukina, Daria Yelizarova and Lyudmila Yezhova Grebenkova are vying for the remaining two spots, Rodionenko said.

Good grief! OK, so Lozhechko’s been a bit up and down since winning the 2007 Europeans on beam, but when she’s on, she could make event finals on that event easily, perhaps even medal. There must be something seriously wrong for her to be eliminated at this stage.

Then again, Lozhechko has a history of disobedience:

Lozhechko, a World Cup gold medalist and three-time world team member, was given a three-month suspension from the team last fall for defying the coaches at the 2007 Worlds in Stuttgart. In the preliminaries, Lozhechko was instructed to dismount balance beam with a simple double tuck, but attempted a more difficult Arabian double front to increase her chances of getting into the beam final. She fell on the dismount and was an alternate to the final.

Lozhechko was criticized by the coaching staff for “mental problems” following her subpar finish at the Russian Cup. After finishing 12th in qualification, fifth in the final and third on beam, she was nevertheless given the final invitation to the training camp in Leninsk-Kuznetsky. However, her Olympic chances ended there, Rodionenko said.

Yulia Lozhechko, 2007 World Championships All Around, Balance Beam:

She evoked Svetlana Khorkina in bodyline and movement, although apparently Rodionenko is less tolerant of “mental problems” than former Russian coach Leonid Arkayev was (hey, the man put up with The Diva for a decade, although Khorkina seemed to win more than she lost.)

With the more experienced four of the training camp — Pavlova, Kramarenko, Semyonova and Afanasyeva — confirmed, what an interesting choice between Grebenkova, Yelizerova and Klyukina for the final spot.