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Shayla Worley to compete for Georgia

October 31, 2008
Shayla Worley has announced plans to compete for Georgia.

Shayla Worley has announced plans to compete for Georgia.

Arguably the biggest recruit in the nation has made up her mind to compete for the University of Georgia. Says Rick at Gymnastics Coaching: “The rich get richer.”

This is a huge coup for Georgia associate head coach Jay Clark, who will take over from Suzanne Yoculan at the end of this season. Worley’s class will be the first in more than a quarter-century not to be influenced by Yoculan.

According to GymnastTV, Worley said the choice was between UGA and UCLA. That’s a disappointment for Florida, which is still seeking its first national championship. Worley will join freshmen-to-be Christa Tanella, Noel Couch and Kati Breazeal.

What this does is cast doubt as to whether Worley will have the ability (or the ambition) to make a run for 2012. Then again, the Georgia girls are pretty sharp — Courtney Kupets was think-tanking a return to elite competition and competed a beam routine with a super-high A-score last season — and Athens isn’t that far away from Worley’s home gym.

Also: The Gym Dogs’ “Where are they now?” page has been updated. And it sounds like everyone has a new floor routine.

(via Gymnastics Coaching, GymnastTV)

New NCAA roles for Durante, Dantzscher

October 23, 2008

David Durante will be an assistant coach at Stanford this season.

David Durante will be an assistant coach at Stanford this season.

With the Olympics over, it’s time to start thinking about the college season. 2008-09 will be filled with familiar faces, although in different roles than in the past.

Olympic alternate David Durante has accepted a position as one of Stanford’s assistant coaches. By the accounts of all who have met him, Durante is a hugely likable and personable fellow, and college coaching should suit him. He’s just one more talent in Stanford’s already stocked corner. The Cardinal may be out for revenge this year after last year’s home NCAA loss to Oklahoma.

2000 Olympian Jamie Dantzscher has signed on to be an assistant coach with Arizona State (Stanford head coach Kristen Smyth got her coaching start the same way.) Despite the talents of Tia Orlando, Nicole Harris (before she retired mid-season) and Tiana Jean, the Sun Devils languished at the bottom of the Pac-10. Seven of the Sun Devils’ 17 gymnasts this year are freshmen.

Dantzscher was something of a showstopper in the NCAA. Check out this floor routine from the 2003 NCAA Championships:

Rick at Gymnastics Coaching reports that Shayla Worley visited Georgia but hasn’t made a final decision about her NCAA future. Many people think because she’s from Florida she’d go with the Gators. With Worley on their team, they might finally get that elusive NCAA title they’ve been so close to for the past three years.

Vote for where you think Shayla will go at Difficulty Plus Execution.

WOGA’s Christa Tanella, however, has already made her choice.

Three gymnasts – Christa Tanella, Kati Breazeal and Noel Couch – said they have told Georgia associate head coach Jay Clark that on signing day, Nov. 12, they will sign letters of intent to attend Georgia.

Another strong class for the Gym Dogs. Suzanne Yoculan or not, they’re sure to stay strong.

The other six…

June 10, 2008

Mattie LarsonEveryone who watched the U.S. Championships last weekend saw Shawn Johnson, Nastia Liukin and Chellsie Memmel dominate the competition. Samantha Peszek was fourth, Ivana Hong fifth, and Jana Bieger sixth.

Shayla Worley was out. Alicia Sacramone competed her three good events.

Sixteen-year-old Mattie Larson got some camera time. So did Bridget Sloan.

Here’s how the other half fared:

7. Mattie Larson 118.850
8. Corrie Lothrop 117.650
9. Randy Stageberg 116.000
10. Mackenzie Caquatto 114.850
11. Olivia Courtney 114.100
12. Alaina Johnson 113.000
13. Christa Tanella 112.800
14. Britney Ranzy 112.750
15. Ashley Stott 111.850
16. Katelyn Mohr 111.450
17. Kimberly Jacob 110.850  

A few, like Stageberg, are heading off to college, etc. But watch them. They’ll be on your NCAA teams. They’ll be the ones competing for spots on the 2009 World team.

Christa Tanella, 2008 U.S. Classic All-Around, Floor Exercise:

International Gymnast Magazine editor Dwight Normile posted his thoughts on the men’s and women’s U.S. Championships on the magazine’s website. The most interesting point, I thought, was that Liukin bested Johnson during day two of the competition.

Dead heat: Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin could go 1-2 or 2-1 at the Olympics. Their A Scores across four events on Day 2 were 26.20 (Johnson) and 26.10 (Liukin). Liukin actually beat Johnson on the second day, 64.20-64.05, but her fall and out-of-bounds deduction in prelims proved to be the difference in the end. If both hit in Beijing, I honestly couldn’t pick a winner — they’re that close.

Normile’s picks for the women’s Olympic team: Johnson, Liukin, Memmel, Sacramone, Peszek and…either Worley, Sloan, Ivana Hong or Jana Bieger. Dead right. Men: Paul Hamm, Kevin Tan, and, um…

Tanella, Gerber give a clinic in expressive floor routines

February 5, 2008

Yes, Virginia, you can do an expressive floor routine with a code of points that forces many to do double fulls as side passes.

Cases in point: The dramatic Christa Tanella of World Olympic Gymnastics Academy in Plano, Texas, and Aisha Gerber, formerly of Cambridge Kips and Elvira Saadi in Ontario, now with Canadian great Kyle Shewfelt’s coach, Kelly Manjak, at Oakville Gymnastics.

Christa Tanella, 2007 U.S. Championships Prelims, Floor Exercise:

Aisha Gerber, 2007 Elite Canada Event Finals, Floor Exercise:

Gerber told International Gymnast Magazine in December that she would be trying for one of the two spots on Canada’s Olympic team, likely as a vault and floor specialist. She’s one of the few Canadians to ever throw a double-twisting Yurchenko in competition, and that expressive floor routine is likely to win fans over to her cause.

As far as the Olympics go, Gerber’s got strong competition from reigning Canadian champion Kristina Vaculik and 2006 World bronze medalist Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs. In her bid to make the Canadian team, Gerber is planning to upgrade to a double layout (or maybe double Arabian) on floor.

NCAA Gymnastics: 2009 letters of intent

November 15, 2007

So far, here’s who’s going where in 2009:

Oklahoma University Women’s Gymnastics has signed 2006 World team member Natasha Kelley, Sara Stone and Megan Ferguson, while the men’s team received letters of intent from Patrick Piscitelli, Chad Crumley and Troy Nitzky.  

Signing Kelley is a coup for Oklahoma coach K.J. Kindler, who spent several years at Iowa State before taking over for a scandal-plauged Steve Nunno. Nunno’s greatest contribution to Oklahoma was probably getting 2003 World bars champ Hollie Vise, although Vise’s contribution to the Sooners thusfar has been mostly having her name attached to its gymnastics program. It’s a reason for someone like Kelley to be interested.

Natasha Kelley has signed a letter of intent to compete for the University of Oklahoma.

Oregon State has gotten the yes from Adonica Glatt, Leslie Mak and Canadian Stephanie McGregor.

That’s it for now. As Rick at Gymnastics Coaching pointed out earlier today, the top five college-eligible elites in the nation (ranked by GymGemz, a site focusing on college gymnastics) are 2007 U.S. Championships runner-up Shayla Worley, recently retired elite Bianca Flohr, WOGA’s Christa Tanella, tumbling ace Randy Stageberg and Olympic sleeper Darlene Hill.

Worley and perhaps Hill may hold off saying yes to any school before the 2008 Olympic Trials, although from what I understand a letter of intent doesn’t marry a gymnast to a particular university.

And as any one of the to-be reunited Magnificent Seven could tell you, there’s enough to be made to pay for several educations if you happen to be on an Olympic gold medal-winning team.