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U.S. Olympians: Johnson, Liukin

June 23, 2008

To almost nobody’s surprise, Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin went 1-2 at the just-concluded U.S. Olympic Trials, securing spots on the team pending a show of readiness at the selection camp later this month.

Also invited to the selection camp: the rebounding with a vengance Chellsie Memmel, Samantha Peszek, Ivana Hong, Bridget Sloan, Shayla Worley, Jana Bieger, Mattie Larson, Chelsea Davis, Corrie Lothrop and Alicia Sacramone.

The way I think it will go down: Memmel, Peszek and Sacramone, pending injury and an absolute meltdown, as gymnastics analyists call them, should make the team. And those are the only five who will be used in event finals — Johnson, Sacramone and Peszek on vault, Liukin, Memmel and (probably) Johnson on bars, Liukin, Johnson and Memmel/Sacramone or possibly Peszek on beam and Johnson, Sacramone and likely Peszek on floor.

The sixth gymnast’s Olympic Games will consist of team prelims.

Who should that leadoff be? Ivana Hong makes a pretty good case for herself. Her B scores are higher than Jana Bieger’s. And she’s not rebounding from injury the way Sloan and Worley are.

Those four will likely make up the last team member and the three alternates.

The one question mark in all of this is 16-year-old Mattie Larson, a new senior who should be favored for very good things in 2009. Larson has the difficulty on vault and the polish and presence on floor to be an alternate — at least. She doesn’t have the international exposure.

Will she be an alternate?

U.S. women’s trials: Cliffsnotes commentary from International Gymnast

June 21, 2008

Again, the quick hits from the premiere gymnastics magazine express sum up in a sentence what entire message boards are dedicated to:

On Shawn Johnson’s beam routine: “Amazing tricks, but where is the elegance?”

On Nastia Liukin’s bars dismount: “Froggie form and poor landing. Should be about 8.5 execution – given 9.00 from generous judges.”

On Samantha Peszek’s vault: “She should upgrade to 2.5 – it looks easy for her.”

On Chellsie Memmel’s beam: “Hit routine but lots of form problems and no grace.”

On Bridget Sloan’s uneven bars: “Very badly flexed feet on releases.”

Bridget Sloan

On Chelsea Davis’s beam dismount: “Weird hurdle into her double pike dismount.”

Chelsea Davis, Jesolo 2008, Balance Beam:

On Alicia Sacramone’s floor: “Tumbling is high but tricks are standard — same as Carly Patterson four years ago.”

On Britney Ranzy’s music: “Terrible music for floor exercise.”

On Jana Bieger in general: “Has all the tricks, but if she doesn’t make this team it will be because she lacks polish and her B-scores reflect that.”

On Johnson’s Amanar vault: “Overrotates it — looks like she can do a triple.”

Shawn Johnson, 2008 U.S. Championships Finals, Vault:

(via International Gymnast Magazine)

Martha Karolyi part II

May 22, 2008

Martha Karolyi…on Inside Gymnastics Magazine’s website now. The second and juicier installment contains Martha-isms on Chellsie Memmel, Darling Hill and, a bit surprisingly, Chelsea Davis, a protege of Karolyi’s one-time protege Kim Zmeskal.

Q: There are a lot of established stars vying for Olympic berths. Are there any up-and-comers who could make this team?

A: Well, some younger girls certainly are doing very, very nice effort[s].

One of the young ones who was probably nowhere last year is Chelsea Davis, Kim Zmeksal’s gymnast. She [is] just turning 16 this year. Just the same age as Shawn, but last year [Chelsea] wasn’t at this level. … She would be one who is the youngest and is just breaking in.

Then a few girls have some good events. Like Darling Hill has a very nice floor routine or (Randy) Stageberg has also a very good floor routine and a good vault.

So when the last trial comes and the last decision has to be made for the team, some people could play some role, depending what may be the team’s needs.

It will not necessarily be a straight rank order. Because, first of all, you take your strongest girls and you plug those in. And they’re locked in, because it is absolutely necessary for the team results, and then you will have to fill up some spots. And if some girl is good on two events and exactly on those two events you need, you would use [that girl]. But if the team is already strong on those two events it is too bad for them, because they will not be needed, even though they have a harder exercise.

… That’s how it works. It’s pretty complicated from the outside, but when it comes down the stretch it simplifies. It is so interesting on a line-up meeting, which we are doing all together with the coaches, I’m coming up with a plan and I say, ‘This is how I see, and how I feel and this is what we should do,’ and, pretty much, [the other coaches] feel the same. Because things clear up, very much, at the end.

Posted a trifle belatedly.

Extra: Martha Karolyi’s fake MySpace. Bela has one too, but Martha’s is better. This never gets old.

Young Americans shine at 2007 Junior Pan American Games

November 27, 2007

Hard to believe Shawn Johnson and Samantha Peszek were competing at last fall’s junior Pan American Games.

Samantha Peszek, 2006 Junior Pan American Games, Floor Exercise:

It just goes to show what can happen in a year.

And it makes one wonder if one or more of the fantastic four the U.S. women sent to this year’s Pan American Games — Jordyn Wieber, Olivia Courtney, Mattie Larson and Chelsea Davis — could be in store for a similar fate.

The fact that they’re still competing as juniors about six months before the Olympic Trials (though Courtney, Davis and Larson are all age-eligible for Beijing) makes me think it would be nearly impossible for them to make enough of a first year splash on the senior circuit within the next six months to be chosen for the team.

Nonetheless, all are impressive, and are likely to be among the frontrunners in 2009. Particularly Wieber, who at age 12 is throwing almost all the difficulty of a Johnson.