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U.S. women’s trials: Cliffsnotes commentary from International Gymnast

June 21, 2008

Again, the quick hits from the premiere gymnastics magazine express sum up in a sentence what entire message boards are dedicated to:

On Shawn Johnson’s beam routine: “Amazing tricks, but where is the elegance?”

On Nastia Liukin’s bars dismount: “Froggie form and poor landing. Should be about 8.5 execution – given 9.00 from generous judges.”

On Samantha Peszek’s vault: “She should upgrade to 2.5 – it looks easy for her.”

On Chellsie Memmel’s beam: “Hit routine but lots of form problems and no grace.”

On Bridget Sloan’s uneven bars: “Very badly flexed feet on releases.”

Bridget Sloan

On Chelsea Davis’s beam dismount: “Weird hurdle into her double pike dismount.”

Chelsea Davis, Jesolo 2008, Balance Beam:

On Alicia Sacramone’s floor: “Tumbling is high but tricks are standard — same as Carly Patterson four years ago.”

On Britney Ranzy’s music: “Terrible music for floor exercise.”

On Jana Bieger in general: “Has all the tricks, but if she doesn’t make this team it will be because she lacks polish and her B-scores reflect that.”

On Johnson’s Amanar vault: “Overrotates it — looks like she can do a triple.”

Shawn Johnson, 2008 U.S. Championships Finals, Vault:

(via International Gymnast Magazine)

The other six…

June 10, 2008

Mattie LarsonEveryone who watched the U.S. Championships last weekend saw Shawn Johnson, Nastia Liukin and Chellsie Memmel dominate the competition. Samantha Peszek was fourth, Ivana Hong fifth, and Jana Bieger sixth.

Shayla Worley was out. Alicia Sacramone competed her three good events.

Sixteen-year-old Mattie Larson got some camera time. So did Bridget Sloan.

Here’s how the other half fared:

7. Mattie Larson 118.850
8. Corrie Lothrop 117.650
9. Randy Stageberg 116.000
10. Mackenzie Caquatto 114.850
11. Olivia Courtney 114.100
12. Alaina Johnson 113.000
13. Christa Tanella 112.800
14. Britney Ranzy 112.750
15. Ashley Stott 111.850
16. Katelyn Mohr 111.450
17. Kimberly Jacob 110.850  

A few, like Stageberg, are heading off to college, etc. But watch them. They’ll be on your NCAA teams. They’ll be the ones competing for spots on the 2009 World team.

Christa Tanella, 2008 U.S. Classic All-Around, Floor Exercise:

International Gymnast Magazine editor Dwight Normile posted his thoughts on the men’s and women’s U.S. Championships on the magazine’s website. The most interesting point, I thought, was that Liukin bested Johnson during day two of the competition.

Dead heat: Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin could go 1-2 or 2-1 at the Olympics. Their A Scores across four events on Day 2 were 26.20 (Johnson) and 26.10 (Liukin). Liukin actually beat Johnson on the second day, 64.20-64.05, but her fall and out-of-bounds deduction in prelims proved to be the difference in the end. If both hit in Beijing, I honestly couldn’t pick a winner — they’re that close.

Normile’s picks for the women’s Olympic team: Johnson, Liukin, Memmel, Sacramone, Peszek and…either Worley, Sloan, Ivana Hong or Jana Bieger. Dead right. Men: Paul Hamm, Kevin Tan, and, um…