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Khorkina’s mixed-grip madness

January 17, 2008

Russian Svetlana Khorkina unveiled many new and innovative skills on the uneven bars.If you know gymnastics, you know that like her or not, Svetlana Khorkina did some of the most original and innovative bar routines in the sport’s history.

She (or rather, her longtime coach Boris Pilkin) is credited with some very original moves, including what International Gymnast Magazine Editor Dwight Normile recently described as “that crazy, whirling Shaposhnikova she used for years.”

In 1993, Khorkina debuted an early version of that skill. It’s a Shaposhnikova to a mixed grip, with a 180 degree turn after she catches the bar. And it’s fabulous.

I’ve never seen anyone do that before (or since.) Mixed grips on bars are great, and perhaps under-utilized.

Svetlana Khorkina, 1993 French International, Uneven Bars: