My favorite floors — Tatiana Groshkova

It’s not just about the tumbling with Tatiana Groshkova. The Soviet gymnast had a wonderfully choreographed routine by the great former Soviet Elvira Saadi, to soft Greek music that always reminds me of being at a villa on the sea.

But that double full-in back out — as far as I know, only Groshkova and 90s U.S. junior sensation Alexis Brion are the only ones to attempt it in competition — commands the attention as much as Saadi’s choreography, and much of the rest of this routine is spent wondering, wow, did I really just see that?

Tatiana Groshkova, 1990 European Championships All-Around, Floor Exercise:

2 Responses to “My favorite floors — Tatiana Groshkova”

  1. rubyrubysoho Says:

    Oh wow I love this routine too. Her beam routine is also amazing– layout full!

  2. Groshkova (1990) v LinLin (2009) — Gymnastics Says:

    […] was first to compete double full-in on Floor (VIDEO), in an era when it wasn’t needed to have the maximum 10.0 […]

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