Today in U.S. gymnastics history

The 1984 U.S. mens Olympic team: Tim Daggett, Scott Johnson, Mitch Gaylord, Jim Hartung, Peter Vidmar and Bart Conner.

The 1984 U.S. men's Olympic team.

The U.S. men’s team stunned World Champion China to take gold at the 1984 Olympic Games. The Japanese men, led by eventual all-around winner Koji Gushiken, placed third. The L.A. Times has a nice mini-retrospective.

Twenty five years later, not a lot has changed — except the gymnasts, the skills, the requirements and the order on the podium (at the 2008 Olympic Games, China was first, Japan second and the U.S. third.)

All have been successful post-Olympics. Peter Vidmar is a motivational speaker; Tim Daggett, an NBC commentator and gym owner; Bart Conner, a gym owner, International Gymnast Magazine editor and husband to Nadia Comaneci; Jim Hartung is assistant coach for the men’s team at the University of Nebraska; Mitch Gaylord, a stunt double and frequent guest on Hollywood Squares; and Scott Johnson, a gym owner and promoter.

2 Responses to “Today in U.S. gymnastics history”

  1. Katrina Says:

    Don’t forget Bart has done commentating too 🙂

  2. gymnasticgirl Says:

    Celebrating 25 years since the 1984 US men’s gymnastics team that did so well. Bart Conner was always my favorite. In fact he just put up this video. Very Funny.

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