Make It or Break It, but like it? That’s another issue altogether

A still from the pilot episode of ABC Familys Make It or Break It.

A still from the pilot episode of ABC Family's "Make It or Break It."

Commenter Samantha wonders:

Am I the only gymnastics fan who slightly LIKES Make it or Break it? I know it is a crappy portrayal of the gymnastics world but still, it is really fun to watch and I love Payson! I only wish they showed slightly hardr gymnastics – the kind of standard they had in the film Stick It – NCAA rather than Olympic level, but acceptably difficult gymnastics – a bit silly to imply Lauren, the world’s ‘best beamer’ does a flic tuckback dismount! However, any exposure of gymnastics on primetime has to be an improvement! I just wish they had a bit more time focussing on the training the girls are always doingin the background.

Samantha, you’re not alone — I kinda like it too. Sure, none of the girls carry themselves like gymnasts, or look like they’ve ever been forced to do more than 10 pushups. Sure, it passes off level 9 skills as Olympic-caliber gymnastics. But in spite of that, it’s not a bad show. And at least there’s some real gymnastics, and some real gymnasts.

"Make It or Break It" is turning into a hit for ABC Family, which ordered another 10 episodes made earlier this week.

Entertainment Weekly concurs. Although it acknowledges that MIOBI is “cheese-tastic,” EW published an article listing six reasons to watch Make It or Break It, which is turning into ABC Family’s most well-received show — other than The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

1. The cute rocker boy Emily (the scrappy one from the wrong side of the tracks) works with at the pizza place (where she’s not supposed to work because it’s a distraction from her Olympic training…omg dramz everywhere!). Emily, upon his expressing interest in coming to her meet: “I could use the moral support.” Cute Rocker Boy: “The morality of my support is definitely in question.” Sorta dirty, sorta hot, sorta nonsensical. Just the way I like it.

2. The love triangle among the girl who looks like Whitney Port, good girl Kaylee, and Kaylee’s boyfriend (who, oops, had sex with the girl who looks like Whitney Port). Here’s why you do a show about gymnasts: Because they have a “no dating” rule to — like the work rule — cut down on distractions. Everything’s more interesting with rules to break. And will-have-sex vs. will-not conflict is better than watching folks on Secret Life of the American Teenager talk sex to death.

3. More fun with gymnasts: What other show could have a cortisone-shot plot line? Except maybe a show about people with arthritis, which would probably be a tough sell on ABC Family. There seemed to be hints of possible eating disorders to come, too, when Kaylee’s dad made her weigh in at home — a great issue for a show like this to tackle responsibly.

4. The hot new blond, scruffy coach. Age appropriate goodness for anyone over 21! Bonus points for Kaylee’s pop star mom having an affair with the old coach, who ditched the gym for a shinier, bigger one (under threat of blackmail…man, there’s a lot going on here).

5. Candace Cameron vs. Whitney Port. Loving former D.J. Tanner playing the hot, young now-future-stepmom fighting Whitney Port for her single dad’s attention.

6. The gymnastics, duh. As if all the drama isn’t enough, you get to watch a gymnastics meet at the end! And they do a great job of keeping you up on what’s happening — thanks mostly to crowd gasps and groans and the play-by-play announcer — without getting too annoying about it. Now we finally know the truth: When an Olympic gymnast blows a dismount, obviously it’s because the guy from the pizza place didn’t show up like he said he would or the guy she slept with is waving at someone else or her mom is sleeping with her ex-coach or her dad just got engaged.


13 Responses to “Make It or Break It, but like it? That’s another issue altogether”

  1. MS Says:

    lol “the girl who looks like Whitney Port”. Sad that the poor actual actress can’t even get named in the article lol. I think that’s an insult, right? As Whitney Port isn’t even famous?
    I agree with the EW writer. While 100% cheesetastic, the show passes the time well when there is nothing else to do.

  2. Kim Says:

    I completely hated the show the first couple of episodes but I’m sad to say I’m hooked on it. It is completely cheesy and the gymnastics isn’t that great, but I do think the show has definite potential.

  3. Cidlover Says:

    If you simply ignore all of the actual gymnastics, it is a good family drama.

  4. ugly leotards Says:

    I like it and I download it every week. It’s a guilty pleasure. Totally cheesy, but fun to watch–each episode gets a little better in terms of gymnastics.

  5. The TV Chick Says:

    I recently interviewed the four stars of Make It Or Break It–and asked them about gymnastics!

    Check out Part 1–my interview with Chelsea Hobbs (Emily Kmetko)

  6. Elizabeth Says:

    This show is fine for people our age to watch, but my second graders watch this show too. That makes me sad. This show is way more adult then it should be and gives an unrealistic impression of the the real thing as usual.

  7. The TV Chick Says:

    Here is Part 2 of my interview series–my interview with Cassie Scerbo, who plays Lauren Tanner:

  8. that was some superhero action, yo « Gymnastics Coaching Says:

    […] Entertainment Weekly calls the new hit show cheese-tastic … but lists 6 reasons to watch it anyway. […]

  9. Courtney Says:

    I agree I am not a gymnast but I am an avid fan. And I love Make it Or Break it! Any exposure to gymnastics is always great and the show covers so many aspects of gymnastics that people don’t see from outside the competition….families splitting up, rivals, money and more it’s a great show in my opin ion and I am kind of tired of people ragging on just the gymnastics.

    But I love it and not one is changing my mind.

  10. Bionca Says:

    I love the show Iwatch it every week and i like how this show is more relistic in show’s like secret life everything is perfect amy had a boyfriend, the father of the baby stayed, and her family stuck by her most of that doesnt happen in real life this series includes money trubles
    wait issues and struggle’s

  11. Bionca Says:

    I love the show Iwatch it every week and i like how this show is more relistic in show’s like secret life everything is perfect amy had a boyfriend, the father of the baby stayed, and her family stuck by her most of that doesnt happen in real life this series includes money trubles
    weight issues and struggle’s

  12. bethany Says:

    hey my names bethany i locve make it or brake it andim verry in love with gymnastics i think i have a problem you no like kaylee did but the thing is i really wana fix it i dont no how to im suffering from heart problems i have a eating dissorder …….

  13. bethany Says:

    i also wanat you to give me some idvise if u can..

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