Amazingly hard new vault

Oh my goodness, look at this vault from North Korean Ri Se Gwang, during podium training at the World University Games:

Wow! But of course, there’s the downside of competing a skill like this, even in a sport rife with skills like this. Gymnastics Coaching says:

Most are impressed. But very worried about what happens when he “misses”.

Men’s vault is by far the most dangerous apparatus right now. We might need to cap difficulty at some point. Or improve the landing surface to something like what is used in Power Tumbling.

We should ask Ronny Ziesmer, the German gymnast paralyzed training Tsuk double back in preparation for the 2004 Olympics, what he thinks of this vault.

(via Gymnastics Coaching)

3 Responses to “Amazingly hard new vault”

  1. amazed gymnast Says:

    WOW! Amazing! So would that be a 17.4 start value? That’s what it should be! That is crazy! But it’s also crazy dangerous! But that’s what the code encourages now. Hope he makes it safely everytime.

  2. Kennedy Says:

    I have to agree with the majority. Crazy vault, but is it worth it? I also have problems with him competing this. Unless he actually lands the thing (without putting hands to ground), then it’s really just a shameless attempt to get a huge score. I think rumor has the SV at 17.4 (I could be wrong) leaving him a cool 16+ score for what is pretty much a fall. Not fair at all (and it’s dangerous).

  3. North Korean gymnastics appreciation post « The Gymblog Says:

    […] Korean gymnastics appreciation post By Blythe One terribly difficult vault for North Korean Ri Se Jong, one giant leap for his country’s gymnastics […]

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