Former world team member Heenan expecting

Former World Team member and Georgia Gym Dog Katie Heenan is expecting a son.

Former World Team member and Georgia Gym Dog Katie Heenan is expecting a son.

2001 World team member Katie Heenan Dodson and her baseball player husband Stephen Dodson are expecting a baby boy in September.

Heenan Dodson, who trained with Ashley Postell for several years, competed on the first day of the 2004 Olympic Trials and became a star gymnast at Georgia, graduating in 2008.

In 2001, Heenan Dodson became the first U.S. woman to score an individual medal at a world championship since Dominique Dawes’s bronze on beam in 1996, breaking the American drought of the 1997-2000 quad. The 2001 World Team — Heenan, Mohini Bhardwaj, Tasha Schwikert, Ashley Miles, Rachel Tidd and Tabitha Yim — won bronze as well.

From Online Athens, in an article that catches up with each of the 2008 seniors:

Just after Heenan Dodson competed for the last time, she was awarded the 2008 Honda Award for Gymnastics and got engaged. She married in November and found out she was pregnant this past January.

“Stephen and I are so excited about our baby, and we love being married,” Heenan Dodson said. “So life is good. No complaints.”

After graduating in May when she finished her student teaching this past semester, Heenan Dodson traveled to Arizona to see her husband, who was in spring training after being drafted by the Colorado Rockies last year.

“I spent two weeks in Tucson until he got called to Asheville, N.C.,” Heenan Dodson said. “The next thing I knew I was on a plane out to Asheville.”

The couple will live in North Carolina until September when Stephen plans to finish his degree at Georgia. And Heenan Dodson is due on Sept. 24 with their son, who they plan to name Charles “Charlie” Winston Dodson.

“I’ve had a fairly easy pregnancy so far,” Heenan Dodson said. “Other than being tired in the first trimester, everything has been great.”

Katie Heenan, 2001 World Championships Event Finals, Uneven Bars (3rd):

Heenan’s best at the 2008 NCAA Championships, won by Georgia:

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  1. Marcus Says:

    You have Dawes as bronze on beam, but it was on floor.

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