Johnson prepping for ‘entertainment-related’ announcement

Shawn Johnson has an announcement.

Shawn Johnson has an announcement.

In an interview with Inside Gymnastics this week, the 2008 Olympic beam and Dancing with the Stars champion insisted that she’ll return to gymnastics, but also added that she’s got a big announcement in the works.

Shawn Johnson hasn’t given up on gymnastics, not by a long shot, but she might have to put her plans on hold for some big news coming soon.

“I’ve got some things I’m really excited about,” she teased Thursday in a chat with Inside, “but I’m not sure what I can release yet. I’ll let [my fans] know as soon as I can though. Promise!”

Johnson concedes the surprise project(s) are “entertainment-related, yeah,” but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to call it quits on gymnastics.

“I hired a personal trainer and I’m working out really hard right now,” she insists. “In fact, I just got back from a training session.

“I knew I needed to get back into shape, get prepared, before I get back in the gym,” she says. “That’s definitely something I’m planning on doing. Definitely.”

Johnson told one press writer that she’d been offered movie and TV deals after her DWTS win.

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