Yang Yun/Dong Fangxiao matter turned over to IOC disciplinarians

Yang Yun performing a Yurchenko loop on balance beam in 2000.

Yang Yun performing a Yurchenko loop on balance beam in 2000.

ESPN reports via the AP:

LAUSANNE, Switzerland — The International Olympic Committee is following developments in the case of two Chinese gymnasts suspected of being underage at the 2000 Summer Games, and says it will take “necessary measures.”

The investigation into Dong Fangxiao and Yang Yun’s eligibility has been turned over to a disciplinary commission, the International Gymnastics Federation announced Tuesday. If they are found to be underage, the commission would recommend sanctions to the FIG’s executive committee.

But it would be up to the IOC to determine what, if anything, to do about the medals China won in Sydney. The Chinese women won the team bronze medal, and Yang was the bronze medalist on the uneven bars.

“The IOC will take necessary measures upon the decision of the FIG disciplinary commission,” IOC spokeswoman Sandrine Tonge said Wednesday.

Zhou Qiurui, a spokeswoman for the Chinese Gymnastics Association, said the association had received a notice from the FIG and was willing to cooperate, but did not have any details on how that would be done.

Lu Shanzhen, the deputy director of our association who is in charge of the women’s team, is not in Beijing,” Zhou said.

Sounds like the IOC is willing to do something — medal-stripping, banning participation from World Championships or even Olympic Games, something — if the FIG denounces the Yang and Dong. The U.S. women, who finished fourth in the team competition, would be in line to receive the bronze if China’s team medals were to be stripped. Ukranian Viktoria Karpenko, one of the best and most luckless gymnasts of the quadrennium, would receive Yang Yun’s bronze medal on uneven bars.

A decision on the matter is expected by September at the latest.


9 Responses to “Yang Yun/Dong Fangxiao matter turned over to IOC disciplinarians”

  1. shergymrag Says:

    Who wants to become an Olympic medalist eight years after their games are over? I’m all for enforcing the rules but people keep mentioning changed medal results. I feel like the only time becoming an Olympic medalist matters is during the Olympics in question. To me, it seems like getting your medal after the games are over is not the same joyous experience.

  2. ugly Says:

    I agree with shergymrag that a medal you didn’t “win” would be a hollow victory, whether it is eight hours of eight years after event. nonetheless, I imagine this will get a lot of support from people inside gymnastics and outside who are downright pissed off about the supposed Chinese age cheating. The only reason they are even bothering is because of all the flak they got over the Beijing age controversy. They need to look like they won’t just turn a blind eye to the entire thing, but their hands are tied for the 2008 Games.

  3. alexa Says:

    I agree that it would seem pointless to give the metals to the people who came in behind them, but it would seem even more pointless if they did give it to them at all. If I came in 4th myself, I know that I would want the metal. Even if it is 8 years after I did the routine. In all fairness, the Chinese gymnasts did cheat, and if I were the IOC, I would take their metals away from them.

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  5. Rachel Says:

    There was nothing the IOC could do about the Chinese gymnasts at the 2008 Olympics because their was no solid proof of cheating. Because someone “looks” young isn’t enough to convict them of cheating. I’m not saying they weren’t violating the age rules but I don’t know how people could expect the IOC to do anything.

    • ugly Says:

      exactly, if you are going to accuse a country of falsifying documents, you better have something better than a possible media mistake. They can’t do a thing about it. Now, it looks like they have proof about Dong and Yang… maybe if their hands weren’t tied over Beijing, they wouldn’t bother, but I’m sure they feel pressure to do something.

  6. Lisa Says:

    I think China needs to be banned from World Championship just like North Korea was in 1993… There lied about ages they need to pay now. That is what I think..

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