My favorite floors — Alena Polozkova

Polozkova, arguably the last great Belorussian gymnast, won floor at the 1998 World Cup with this well put together set accented by a very nice triple twist. It’s not the most brilliant floor routine of all time, but I like it very much.

Here it is at the 1997 DBT Cup:


3 Responses to “My favorite floors — Alena Polozkova”

  1. Lianna Denny Says:

    It is a nice routine but the comment on that being a very nice triple…I’d have to disagree. She basically did a 2 1/2 and the turned around on the floor. Ive seen a lot of people “cheat” the triple this way and most of the time you dont get credit for it. Im not trying to take away from the routine because it was pretty choreography, pretty dance and overall a great routine but the triple was no where close.

    • Blythe Says:

      You’re right, Lianna, that one isn’t a good triple full. I was looking for the video of Alena at the 1998 World Cup, where she won floor with a grogeous triple full — much better than the one shown here — but wasn’t able to find it.

  2. Doodle Says:

    very bogi-esque

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