New Shawn Johnson interview

Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson

Sigh. Not even a new day, and another interview that makes our DWTS champ sound a little…well, un-Shawnlike. In this one, she describes herself as the “oddball” of the U.S. team and calls out the “mean” girls at her high school.

What’s next for you? College? Another Olympics?

I’m a junior in high school. I was in public school my whole life up until this year. I got too behind because of the Olympics. I’ve been doing online school, which takes care of my junior year. We’ll see if I go back to regular school in the fall. I haven’t decided what I’ll be doing [after that]. I love that being on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ has opened up so many opportunities. This has showed me that I can do other things. I’m taking it one day at a time.

What will people learn from reading your book ‘Shawn Johnson, Olympic Champion: Stories Behind the Smile’?

I wanted to get across that I’m just a normal girl. I didn’t dedicate my life to gymnastics. The book’s about going on vacation and going to school, all the things that everyone does. You don’t have to sacrifice your life for one thing. I didn’t let gymnastics rule everything else that I was a part of. I think that’s what kept me happy and involved with it. I was definitely the oddball of the group. Everyone else was training eight hours a day and being homeschooled or tutored, I’d train for four hours. I definitely feel like I’ve started to change the sport a little bit. It won’t burn you out if you [lead an otherwise regular life]. I probably had a more hectic schedule, but I loved it. I wouldn’t have changed it at all.

Was it hard to make friends at school given your gymnastics schedule?

I wasn’t really treated any differently. Kids knew me from kindergarten. I grew up with them. Of course, there were some who were jealous … there was definitely a group [of mean girls]. Being in the Olympics showed me who my true friends were and weren’t. A few friends stuck with me through everything and I’m sure they will the rest of my life.

Shawn’s probably right. There’s a group of “popular” people at every high school in America, and it’s unfathomable that nobody in West Des Moines, Iowa is jealous of how far Shawn’s star has risen. People, particularly 17-year-olds, break friendships that way.

Hard to see her returning to her high school after saying that, though.

6 Responses to “New Shawn Johnson interview”

  1. ally Says:

    Oh, poor Shawn. Everyone’s so jealous of her. Two interviews now. She’s making me dislike her more and more.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Do you have the 1st interview?

    • Blythe Says:

      Elizabeth — The first interview referred to is in the post right below, titled “Quote” of the Day.

  3. Lawfrog Says:

    Shawn can return to her high school with ease because what she said is simply the truth. It’s true that high schools everywhere contain a group of bitchy/jealous girls and boys as well. I’m 15 years out of high school and I still remember the group of “mean girls.” My nephew is now in high school and it’s still the same as it ever was. All she did was state the obvious. I believe Shannon Miller said the same thing many years back about being in public high school after her 1992 wins.

  4. Johnson looking to go to Stanford, UCLA « The Gymblog Says:

    […] In an interview with Microsoft News last month, Johnson candidly stated a truth about American High Schools — that there’s generally “a group” of mean people. […]

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