2010 Worlds in doubt?

Fangymnastics reports on an article in the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf:

Unfortunately, the organization of the Worlds by The Netherlands has been lately under question mark. According to the Dutch newspaper Telegraaf and to other Dutch news sites, the budget dedicated for organizing this event is missing 1 million euros. In the context of an ongoing economic crisis, the Dutch government only contributed with 650.000 euros instead of the expected 1.6 millions (representing one third of the total amount).

The organizer committee is making now efforts to attract other parties for covering the needed amount. Taking into account that during the Nationals the selling of the tickets for the Worlds has been planned to start, the organizers have now less than a month to take a decision. In the case that they won’t be able to find sponsors until the end of June, The Netherlands will probably have to give up organizing the 2010 Worlds and the International Federation (FIG) will have to find another organizer, in a very short period of time.

2 Responses to “2010 Worlds in doubt?”

  1. Avertedd Says:

    Почему подписка еще бесплатная? :))

  2. MS Says:

    Why don’t they find out how Denmark did it in 2006? Clearly, there’s not much (if any) of a solid gymnastics contingent there. Denmark has like 3x’s less population and somehow managed sponsors and a decent event.

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