My favorite floors — Olga Chudina

The talk about Anna Myzdrikova’s floor routine at the Glasgow Grand Prix (love it or aren’t so impressed; I loved it) makes me want to revisit my favorite floor routines. So I’ll be doing that occasionally here.

Olga Chudina, 1987 Kraft Invitational:

4 Responses to “My favorite floors — Olga Chudina”

  1. Ferinannnd Says:

    Спасибо. Добавлено в закладки

  2. Manati Says:

    Great routine, yes! I think the (former) Soviet choreographies during the period mid 80s and beginning 90s were the best ever. Look e.g. at the floor exercises of the Soviet team at the 1989 World Championships in Stuttgart. Each of the six routines is a small piece of art:






    Or recall the beautiful lines of Irina Baraksanova:

    And also gymnasts like Olga Chudina, who unfortunately never made it to the team for European or World Championships or the Olympics, had wonderful choreographies. In this circle belongs, in my view, also Yulia Kut. Here the links to her 1987 and 1990 floor routines:

  3. Marcus Says:

    I love the down to the floor sections, she just flows in and out of them

    nowadays, they only get on the floor as a requirement and it looks rushed and clunky

    with the exception of gymnasts like Sloan, Liukin, Hong, the Russians, the Ukes, and a few others

  4. Rick McCharles Says:

    Pretty. Original. And one of the very few routines to successfully pull off a “theme”. The dance tells a story.

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