John Vanderslice puts gymnastics to song

The indie rocker croons about how training interferes with falling in love on the title track of his newly released album, “Romanian Names”:

One reviewer says:

If people find love in “Romanian Names,” it’s a fleeting thing — the title track is a short, heartbreaking tale of an Olympic gymnast too dedicated to her training to allow romance into her life. Instead, music itself seems like a more reliable source of joy as far as Vanderslice is concerned: the harsh pulse of the nyckelharpa that runs through “Hard Times” or the West African-inspired percussion on “C&O Canal.”

Sure, others have put gymnastics to song. Though not as well:

One Response to “John Vanderslice puts gymnastics to song”

  1. shergymrag Says:

    I listened to the Romanian names track. Gymnast who is probably under 18, meets somebody in the tunnel of the stadium and instead of running away with this person (who is it? Somebody she knows? A crazed fan?) She goes back to training. What’s heartbreaking about that? Even if she did know this person, most of the best Romanian gymnasts are done with their training by 18 or 19. It’s not like she’s going to keep training forever.

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