Olesia Dudnik — hardest beam routine?

Many commenters think Soviet Olesia Dudnik’s beam routine from event finals the 1989 European Championships stands up as one of the most difficult ever done.

She certainly performed a lot of difficulty almost flawlessly, including this glorious triple full dismount.

Commenter Starsky sees Kelly Garrison-Steves’s roundoff, full twsting mount as one of the most difficult ever done. Tina Erceg from Croatia also does a roundoff Arabian, another very, very hard skill.

Tina Erceg, 2005 Maribor World Cup, Balance Beam:

Japan’s Natsumi Sasada does the same mount Garrison-Steves pioneered, in a laid-out position.

Natsumi Sasada, 2008 Australian Youth Olympic Festival Team Final, Balance Beam:


4 Responses to “Olesia Dudnik — hardest beam routine?”

  1. Beth Says:

    Yes it is one of the hardest and most beautifully performed, but another of notable difficulty at those same championships was Yang Bo’s; she performed this memorable routine which under the current scoring system would still have netted her the gold, despite the unfortunate landing:

    Another is Tatiana Groshkova’s:

    • Beth Says:

      Oh I posted Yang Bo in the AA – in the EF she took about 5 steps on landing and lost the gold.

  2. Jason Says:

    So, girls have been doing back fulls on beam for at least 20 years now, and today it is still a rare skill to see. Why hasn’t anybody ever competed a back double full on beam?? That is something I’d like to see someday.

  3. Groshkova Says:

    Groshkova surprised me!!! The MOST original and difficult routine ever!

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