An interview with Simona

Look here. Do you recognize Simona Amanar?

New blog Inspired by Nadia has posted a new interview with the longtime Romanian champion of the mid-to-late 1990s. Since her retirement after the 2000 Olympics, Simona has married and become a mother to a boy who should be at least eight by now.

She’s also become the Vice President of the Romanian Federation of Gymnastics.

Reaching a level that I would be considered a “symbol” of Romania makes it difficult for me now to say that I have paid a price in my life so far. It’s true that there were times when kids my age were playing in the streets, around the block, and although back then I wanted the same thing, I had to go to the gym for my daily training. Fortunately, I am a former gymnast who has also benefited of the joys of childhood. I was not far from home until the age of 14, when I was selected into the national gymnastics team at Deva, otherwise I was always near my parents and brother, friends from the neighbourhood, that I saw daily. At the same time, I realize that nothing in life can be done without work and discipline, so that I am satisfied with everything that I have achieved.

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    Thanks, the pictures are great indeed!

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