Hardest beam routine ever done?

Three come to mind:

Shawn Johnson, 2008 Olympic Games:

Kui Yuanyuan, 1997 World Championships, Event Finals:

Catalina Ponor, 2004 Olympic Games:

But which is the hardest? Any others that should be considered here? What do you think?

22 Responses to “Hardest beam routine ever done?”

  1. MS Says:

    Memmel’s 2003 routine is one that still just amazes me with it’s variety and hard skills. Granted, it’s not as polished but still difficult for the time.

  2. Lilly Says:

    I think one of the best was Tatiana Groshkova’s…difficult & beautiful…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xptNl-NRf8&feature=related

  3. Eunice Says:

    What about Fan Ye’s 2003 World Championships routine? So, so clean.

  4. Katrina Says:

    One of best: Shannon Miller 1996 Olympic event finals. She is arguably one of the best beam workers of her day in the world, if not for the US.

  5. craig Says:

    what about tatiana gutsu?? she was the first to attempt a standing full and her dismount…hard!! but out of those three i think Lui Yuanyuan was defionitly harder:)

  6. Dee Says:

    What about Li Shanshan’s 2007 beam routine? It had a 7.3 A-score, and a great mixture of hard tumbling and hard dance skills.

  7. vanessa Says:

    They are all kind of insane. I love Johnson’s beam work because she is so damn confident, and I love Ponor’s fo the same reason, but Lui’s in this case is just incredible.

  8. JJ Says:

    I think Viktoria Komova’s and Ezhova’s from 2008 are REALLY difficult.

  9. anon Says:

    Two words: Yang Bo

  10. Manati Says:

    Olessya Dudnik!!!

  11. Ian Says:

    Not a tough call at all: Olessia Dudnik from the 1989 Worlds had one of the most difficult routines I have ever watched!
    Kui and Shawn are really close and I believe the most difficult routine by Catalina Ponor was at the 2006 Euros. She did one of the most insane combinations ever: Onodi-aerial walkover-Kotchetkova-BHS-layout to two!

  12. ry Says:

    I completely scond Olessia Dudnik. Triple twist, round-off full, arial layout layout. All in 1989! She was so ahead of her time.

  13. mags Says:

    I totally think Kui’s work is superior. She, as the commentators say, combines the power, and the grace, whereas, although I love Shawn, I think that she lacks in grace.

  14. TP Says:

    Gutsu was not the first to attempt a standing full – as far as we all know Priakhina was. The first to do a full on beam out of a TO was Shishova.

    I vote for routines in the context of their performance:

    Dudnik 1989

    Groshkova 1990

    Kui 1997

    Memmel 2003 (although I don’t like the routine as a whole much there is stil a lot of hard stuff in there – I actually liked Memmel back then because of her guts and she did have some originality – not so much anymore)

    Lussac 1994

  15. Mikeyy Says:

    Ponor`s BB from the Romanian Nationals in 2007: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4P_ouFIocc

  16. Beth Says:

    Completely agree with the Yang Bo Olessia Dudnik Tatiana Groshkova supporters. All 3 of these did the most difficult and memorable routines I’ve ever seen.

  17. HootyHoo Says:

    I like terrin humphrey’s 2004 routine! super difficult as well

  18. GymnstnMN Says:

    Kui YuanYuan is a goddes on beam. She was totally robbed in 1997. Tie break rule WTF!!! Anyway, I have to agree with some other comments. Dudnik’s routine was way ahead of its time. Groshkova, difficult but sloppy but still ridiculous. Gutsu…nuff said! Don’t forget Zelepukina who basically did Dudnik’s routine but instead of a triple twist dismount, she did a RO-BHS-double back. Finally, Laschenova’s routine was very nice as well. Huge layout 2ft and first woman to do BHS-BHS full in dismount.

  19. GymnstnMN Says:

    He Xeumei did huge layout and layout full on beam as well. But seriously YANG BO FOREVER!!!!

  20. Tya Says:

    What about Carly Patterson’s junior routine from 2002. It was absolutely stacked, she watered down for her senior career but still kept that crazy Dopuble Arabian dismunt

  21. Starsky Says:

    i’m not sure about the most difficult routine … thats definitely up for debate. The most difficult mounts undoubtedly the Garrison and whoever does the arabian front tuck on.

  22. j,h ui Says:

    wow it is hard to chose but i have to go with the second one. I chose the second on because of its difficult passes on the beam. They are connected too.

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