Chinese bars boring?

I’m getting hammered for my contention that Russian bar routines lack orginality.

What commenters do seem to agree on is that the Chinese team’s bars are boring. Stunningly beautiful, yes, but boring because everyone does the same skills.

A typical example:

Jiang Yuyuan, 2008 World Cup Final, Uneven Bars:

The Chinese are all very heavy on inverted giants and stalders, Pak saltos, Jaegers and Tkatchevs. Many do double layout dismounts.

But not all of them. Reigning Olympic champion He Kexin, whose Jaeger-half, Jaeger combination elevates the whole exercise. The first to perform the combination, Li Ya, also had a unique Arabian double pike dismount that’s now performed by Ksenia Semyonova. (She also did a full-twisting double pike off the uneven bars, which is rarely seen.)

2000 Olympic beam champion Liu Xuan also performed Li Ya’s combination — 11 years before Li brought it out in international competiton. Liu Xuan is probably more famous for the one-armed giant through to a Geinger that she performed in 1995. The judges thought it was too dangerous and made the element a C in the code of points to discourage other athletes from doing it.

And oh yes, those Gaylords? From Mo Huilan, Bi Wenjing and Zhang Yufei in 2005.

Mo Huilan, 1995 World Championships, Uneven Bars:

Zhou Duan (why, oh why didn’t she stick around longer?) threw a Gaylord II and did a Geinger-Pak salto combination.

Zhou Duan, 1997 East Asian Games Team Finals, Uneven Bars:

And here’s Xiao Tingting, who packs a whopping six release skills (only two are either Tkatchevs or Jaegers) into this routine at the 2006 Shanghai World Cup Final. I’ve posted this before, but it’s a good video to trot out every once and awhile.


11 Responses to “Chinese bars boring?”

  1. Gina Says:

    I HATE the double layout dismount on bars.

    Seriously… don’t jam-pack your routine with difficulty only to wimp out on the dismount. It looks easy… kinda like the gymnast didn’t want to expel any effort thinking of a creative dismount.

    Nastia used to do it (although I’m not a fan of Nastia’s new dismount, either) after a gorgeous, difficult routine and it just threw off the flow of the whole thing. Spread the difficulty throughout the routine- don’t just add it to one part but not the other.

    • tania Says:

      pls name a few non-Chinese who can do a perfect double layout. Chinese can do it easily doesn’t mean others can. I think you should know why Liukin took off her double layout, simply because she can’t perform it well

  2. George N Says:

    I always find it amusing that so many of the Chinese women tend to have so many releases on bars when the chinese men look like they are almost afraid to throw one…

  3. Katrina Says:

    I wish the Chinese would work on their transitions between low bar and high bar. They’re very horrible at it at least the girls now..They muscle their way through those or when they re grip out of releases, they end in dead hanges.

  4. Charlotte Says:

    i agree with George! its funny to see a li ya or gaylord from the chinese women but the men barely do tkatchev

  5. shergymrag Says:

    Wow! Never thought someone would ever say a double layout dismount off bars “looks easy”.

    • Ian Says:

      Neither did I! The double layout is a D, just like the full-in, the full-out, the double front and the double front-½ out! 90% of elite gymnasts have a D dismount! Not too easy for me!

  6. GymnstnMN Says:

    What about Meng Fei of China, circa 1995-1998? She did her Gaylord from inverts! The Chinese are ridiculous on bars. Yes, the transistions from low to high need to be worked on a great deal. However, China has always had those dead hang transitions.

  7. The best double layout ever off bars? « The Gymblog Says:

    […] ever off bars? By Blythe In conjunction with the whole Russian-bars-aren’t-boring and Chinese-women-should-do-more-than-just-Jaegers-and-Tkatchevs posts, one commenter asked for some double layout dismounts done well by someone other than the […]

  8. Susan Says:

    Watch Kate Richardson’s double layout.

  9. giRafe Says:

    i don’T agree… i think the chinese on bars are everything except boring.
    i find usa girls more boring to watch and i would say that they are the one doing all the same stuff…

    chinese are definitely my favs on bars + nastia + semenova

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