Shawn Johnson: Perfect 10

Johnson and partner Mark Ballas scored a 10 from one judge on Monday night’s Dancing with the Stars episode for their fun, energetic cha-cha.

Is Johnson heading for a top-three finish on DWTS? Could she and Mark take the whole thing?

Here’s Monday’s performance:

I’m more and more impressed with Johnson’s dancing abilities, and hope very much that she returns to elite gymnastics with better floor and beam choreography — she’s certainly proven that she does have artistry.

Johnson, however, still sounds a little uncertain about the prospect.

Johnson won’t know until her run ends on “Dancing With the Stars” — the hit ABC program on which she is one of seven couples left competing — whether she will return to the intense training schedule needed for an elite-level gymnast.

“I’m on vacation,” she said. “I haven’t had a vacation in forever. It’s my time to step back from the sport and take a breather. After it’s over, I’ll gather my thoughts, go in the gym for like a trial, see how my body is and whether my heart’s in it.”

3 Responses to “Shawn Johnson: Perfect 10”

  1. Katrina Says:

    That dance deserved a 29. It was almost perfect.

    I hope she and Mark take the trophy but I’m also biased due to me not liking Cheryl

  2. Casey Says:

    I finally understand why they went with Shawn on the show instead of someone like Alicia, who actually expressed interest in doing it. I’ve only been watching the clips you’ve posted of Shawn (not following the whole show), but it’s a lot of fun seeing her blossom and start to have fun. It has definitely given her something of a story arc to follow.

    I really do hope she goes back to elite competition, but I respect the fact that she is taking a breather. It’s really disheartening to go back to the gym after growing a few inches – your timing is off and nothing feels quite right. If she’s going to be able to push through hitting puberty, her heart really will need to be in it. As much as I would love for her to end the suspense and confirm or deny, it’s probably a good sign that she is taking her time to decide. I would rather see her leave the sport entirely than come back as one of those girls who become a shadow of themselves, and always look unhappy to be there.

  3. RN2B Says:

    I hope she does return to gymnastics… I miss watching her compete! I understand the need for a breather and vacation though, but I do hope when she does step back in the gym for a trial she gives it enough time. After being out of it for so long a short trial would not really give her much of an idea at all.

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