Youna Dufournet — a very, very bad example

Cidlover at All Gymnastics, All the Time highlighted new French senior Youna Dufournet’s floor routine at the European Championships.

It’s not disastrous. It’s SCARY. Youna SHOULD NOT be competing those tumbling passes, and it’s downright irresponsible of her coach (who looked nothing except angry at the end of the routine) to let her do so.

She’s going to get hurt — and hurt badly — if she continues like that. I’d love to see the French Gymnastics Federation or the FIG sanction her coach.

14 Responses to “Youna Dufournet — a very, very bad example”

  1. bc Says:

    This was the scariest thing I have ever seen!! And i thought tsuks at level eight states were bad! I seriously thought her achilles was going to pop on that double layout landing.

  2. Cidlover Says:

    Judging by her coach’s reaction, he is either very overzealous (very possible) or she performs these skills better during practice. Even if the latter is true, the quality of her performances during practice could not have been good, considering that those skills were bound to fail, not matter how much she could have tried to save herself at the landing. Also, that last double pike was very poorly performed.

    I saw a video that was a little longer. It looked like her coach was comforting her at the end, not scolding her like at the American Cup.

  3. Nancy Says:

    You’re right, Blythe. Extremely dangerous. She is running the risk of a life-threatening injury. Poor form on the part of her coach.

  4. Marcus Says:

    Dufornet did these skills as a junior and her coach probably doesn’t believe in adjusting during puberty (she has grown since last year)

    I know her double layout is just wrong, but her 1-1/2 was off in the third pass, which led to her crashing the double pike, so idk about that one

  5. RN2B Says:

    If you look at this clip it doesn’t look like her coach is comforting, more like telling her what she did wrong (like she doesn’t already know??). They show her again after the Ukrainian’s vault…
    The trainer is checking her over, looks like she hurt her ankle (no surprise). Poor kid!

  6. gymnasticsgirl Says:

    Totally agreed- her coach is completely irresponsible to let her go out there and attempt those skills. There has been so much done to make gymnastics safer, and coaches need to be invested in a gymnast’s safety and health above all else.

  7. kemsnews Says:

    Wow. . .is she OK? Is he still coaching her?

  8. gymnast46 Says:

    I can’t believe that!!! Judges or officials at competitions should be able to step in during warm up or competition at some point and restrict an athlete from competing if it looks like they may injure themself..
    It is very possible she was having a bad day (but a similar landing on her beam dismount at the american cup tells me this may happen often to her??)

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  12. Geoffrey Taucer/Jeremy Waters Says:

    What the hell are she and her coach thinking?

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