Gymnasts are stronger than football players

At least pound for pound, argues the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in an article published last year.

In what the newspaper called “a weight room competition” that happened a few years ago, gymnasts at the University of Georgia were able to do “more push-ups, more pull-ups, more jump rope, more leg lifts, more handstands, just every thing,” than UGA football players, now-senior Abby Stack recalled.

What the gymnasts are is a group of the smallest athletes on Georgia’s campus — many hover at or below five feet and at or below 100 pounds — who are the strongest athletes on Georgia’s campus.

…”Pound for pound, they are pretty special,” Georgia football coach Mark Richt said. “They are muscled up now. When you see them from about the 20th row you don’t really get a gauge of how strong they are unless you are sitting right there at the floor or you see them in the weight room. You can tell they are built.”

2 Responses to “Gymnasts are stronger than football players”

  1. Gymnastics Coaching » Blog Archive » gymnasts vs football players Says:

    […] The Gymblog linked to this entertaining article: “Challenge of the Champions,” a weight room competition put on two years ago to find out which team was stronger. […]

  2. Christina Says:

    When I was 12, I was a competitive gymnast on both my school and club teams. During school practice, we shared the gym with the Weight Training Club, just guys lifting weights under the supervision of a coach. One day the weight training coach got the brilliant idea to challenge the girls’ gymnastics team to a push-up contest.

    When it was just me and my friend Stephanie left at 70+ push-ups, he told us to stop because we were “embarrassing [his] boys”. People continually underestimate how strong female gymnasts are, and I think I will always find it hilarious when they’re proven wrong.

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