You have to see this Laura Svilpaite

I first saw her on the International Gymnast Online forum. The subject heading was “A bright hope for form and execution from Lithuania”.

Indeed. The winner of the junior portion of this weekend’s WOGA Classic has remarkable lines and beautiful execution. Have a look:

Laura Svilpaite, 2008 Junior European Championships, Balance Beam:

This year’s WOGA Classic was apparently a testament to grace over power. Georgia commit Christa Tanella defended her title from last year in the senior women’s competition, ahead of Sarah Persinger and Ukrainian Yana Demyanchuk. Tanella herself is a classic gymnast, not a power pack, though not quite as “delicate” as Nastia Liukin.

Christa Tanella’s day at the 2008 WOGA meet:

One Response to “You have to see this Laura Svilpaite”

  1. Marcus Says:

    I wish she would hit her splits on beam better, she obviously can, she just needs more amplitude to finish the skill

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