Yet still more on the UCLA illness

The 2008-09 UCLA womens gymnastics team.

The 2008-09 UCLA women's gymnastics team.

The Daily Bruin finally confirms it: Food poisoning, more or less. With details on how badly it disturbed training:

Two weekends ago, after the UCLA women’s gymnastics team beat Arizona State in Tempe, the team was hoping to continue its winning streak against Stanford on Sunday.

But when a highly contagious norovirus – a type of foodborne illness – struck the entire squad while it was in Arizona, the team’s hopes of competing against its Bay Area rivals could not be fulfilled.

…[Valorie] Kondos Field said she believes there are both positive and negative aspects to the short break.

“It’s good and it’s bad,” Kondos Field said. “They’re going to be rusty gymnastically, but their bodies are actually going to be feeling better.

“Those that got sick last week could not believe how fatigued they were. They would do their floor routine without their tumbling and would just pass out on the floor afterward. But we’re looking good. Now we’re on a regular schedule. We start heavier with a lot more intensity at the beginning of the week.

“Hopefully, no one else will get sick.”

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