Latest American Cup lineup

From International Gymnast Online:


Joseph Hagerty (U.S.)
David Sender (U.S.)
Fabian Hambuchen (Germany)
Benoit Caranobe (France)
Luis Riviera (Puerto Rico)
Adrian Bucur (Romania)
Yuri Ryazanov (Russia)
Koji Uematsu (Japan)


Bridget Sloan (U.S.)
Jordyn Wieber (U.S.)
Kristina Goryunova (Russia, replacing Ksenia Afanasyeva)
Amelia Racea (Romania)
Kim Bui (Germany)
Becky Downie (Great Britain)
Brittany Rogers (Canada)
Koko Tsurumi (Japan)
Jessica Lopez (Venezuela)
New face: Youna Dufornet (France)

And as long as lists of names are being posted, here’s the 2009 U.S. Senior Men’s National Team, courtesy of Stick It Media:

Chris Brooks – Oklahoma
Steven Legendre – Oklahoma
Jonathan Horton – Oklahoma (graduate)
Kyle Bunthuwong – Cal
Tim McNeil – Cal (graduate)
Sho Nakamori – Stanford
David Sender – Stanford (graduate)
Joey Hagerty – USOTC
Kevin Tan – Penn State (graduate)
Guillermo Alvarez – Minnesota (graduate)
Chris Cameron – Michigan
Raj Bhavsar – Ohio State (graduate)
Sasha Artemev – 5280 Gymnastics (Denver,CO)
Danell Leyva – Universal Gymnastics (Miami, FL)
Justin Spring – Illinois (graduate)

Note that all the Olympians except Hagerty, who won last week’s Winter Cup Challenge, petitioned onto this team. Given his 2008 performances, certainly Paul Hamm could have done so as well, if he’d wanted to.

One Response to “Latest American Cup lineup”

  1. Salma Says:

    That’s strange… why are there only two americans per team? Last year there were four, and only recently I read that two more american men and women were to be named for the American Cup… Did they change the rules last minute?


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