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Now retired Romanian gymnast Steliana Nistor is still feeling the pain from years of training.

Now retired Romanian gymnast Steliana Nistor is still feeling the pain from years of training.

Triple Full reports that Steliana Nistor, one of the most remarkable Romanian gymnasts of the past quad, is seeking money to help her fight a diagnosis of necrosis in her left hand.

Nistor’s back is also apparently giving her tons of problems, despite her retirement from the sport after the Olympic Games.

European Champion Steliana Nistor Does Not Have Enough Money to Get Treatment in Canada

The case of European gymnastics champion Steliana Nistor, who prematurely retired from competitive gymnastics due to recurring pain in her left hand and back, made waves at the end of last year. At age 19, Steliana left the training center at Deva and went home, to Sibiu, where she is a first-year student at the Faculty of Physical Education. Initially, Steliana did not want to quit the sport; she just wanted to take a break. Unfortunately her pain never disappeared, even when she stopped training and competing. It even got worse. At present, Steliana can only just support herself.

“Mr. Belu and Mrs. Bitang helped me to get a checkup at the Academic Medical Center in Bucharest, with Dr. Catalin Cirstoiu, who diagnosed me with necrosis in the left hand. I can tell you the pain is still there. Right now I can barely lift a cup of water to my mouth. No doctor has been able to give me a proper diagnosis of my backaches yet. They all said my back was a complete wreck! I still get physical therapy and kinetotherapy, but I can’t say I’m noticing any results….”

The magazine article (read the full translation at Triple Full) goes on to quote a number of people associated with Romanian gymnastics, including Federation President Adrian Stoica, former Romanian gymnastics czar Octavian Belu and current national team coach Nicolae Forminte. In a fatherly way, all three sort of vow to do whatever they can, without making real commitments.

Fangymnastics – a Romanian gymnastics blog, also posted a brief translated interview with a rather despondent-seeming Nistor a couple days ago.


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