Noam Shaham — 1.5 Kovacs

The Collegian, the student newspaper at Penn State, ran an article on junior gymnast Noam Shaham this morning. Shaham, who is originally from Israel, is one of the few I’ve seen to catch a 1.5 twisting Kovacs on high bar.

Technically, the move is a double-back flip over the high bar with a one and a half twist that ends in a re-catching of the bar in L and reverse grips. But putting “The Shaham” into technical jargon does not give the move its true justice.

Here it is in practice:

3 Responses to “Noam Shaham — 1.5 Kovacs”

  1. The Couch Gymnast Says:

    wow. wow. wow

  2. apolytongp Says:

    The mixed grip catch makes it bogus. Catch it in a manly Gaylord undergrip.

  3. Mgymnastics Says:

    haha bogus. One can count on there hands how many people can do that in the world. I don’t care what grip he catches in that was sick!

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