Another Garrison and more

Finally, someone else is competing the Garrison mount (roundoff, full-twist mount onto the balance beam). Here’s Japan’s Natsumi Satsada on beam at the Australian Olympic Youth Festival in Sydney.

Kelly Garrison-Steves of the U.S. did the original mount (in a tuck position) at the 1988 Olympic Games. Satsuda’s is laid out.

Other results from the AOYF (Triple Full has great analysis, as usual):

Women’s team competition (juniors only)
1. China 169.825
2. Japan 167.725
3. Great Britain 161.800
4. Australia A 158.400
5. Australia B 150.025
6. Malaysia 142.100
7. New Zealand 141.300

Men’s team competition (juniors only)
1. Great Britain 247.201
2. China 236.400
3. Australia A 234.765
4. Australia B 230.000
5. Malaysia 186.933

…We guess these results confirm two things:
1. The British men’s team really will be a force to be reckoned with come London 2012 (the juniors have had some excellent results lately, and the seniors aren’t too shabby either).
2. Huang Yubin wasn’t exaggerating when he said that China’s juniors leave a bit to be desired.

Seems like the Aussie women have some work to do this quad if they want to be compeitive as a team, too.

(via Triple Full and Youtube user Flippingymkid)

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