Alexy Bilozertchev off Ohio State team

Alexy Bilozertchev

Alexy Bilozertchev

Has Alexy Bilozertchev quit gymnastics?

The Ohio State freshman, son of the legendary Soviet Dmitry Bilozertchev, the program’s assistant coach, has left the team for unspecified reasons, according to Stick It Media.

What’s up with this? Bilozertchev, the son of former World Champion and Olympic gold medalist Dmitri Bilozertchev, was a prized recruit for the Buckeyes. This has to put a damper on the mood in Columbus. The Bucks are the consensus pre-season pick to win the Big 10 championship.

Even those with the serious gymnastics pedigrees maintain that you have to do it for yourself. In one interview I read last summer about Alexy (can’t find it now), he talked about not being as “into” gymnastics when he was a kid.

Unlike women, most of those who wind up competing for the U.S. at World Championships or Olympic Games participate in NCAA gymnastics. 2008 Olympic men’s team members with NCAA experience were Jonathan Horton (Oklahoma), Raj Bhavsar (Ohio State), Kevin Tan (Penn State) and Justin Spring (Illinois).

The Ohio State University men’s gymnastics website contained only a short announcement.

Bilozertchev left the team for personal reasons and will remain on scholarship while continuing his course work at the university.

“Alexy is leaving for personal reasons and we wish him well,” head coach Miles Avery said. “It certainly leaves a holes in our team but we’ll move on.”

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(via Stick It Media)

4 Responses to “Alexy Bilozertchev off Ohio State team”

  1. TCOisbanned? Says:

    Maybe Peter needs to come back and make him “let the juices of life flow”

  2. anon Says:

    He didn’t quit gymnastics, just Ohio State. Personality conflict. He may transfer to another college and will still be at Winter Cup.

  3. Bob Martin Says:

    how many mistakes is one coach allowed to make?

  4. Case Backhoe Says:

    Case Backhoe…

    […]Alexy Bilozertchev off Ohio State team « The Gymblog[…]…

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