Wait…they’re married?!

Anna Kovalyova and husband Nikolai Kryukov had a baby boy Dec. 27.

Anna Kovalyova and husband Nikolai Kryukov had a baby boy Dec. 27.

It was a big surprise to read on Triple Full that longtime (so long, apparently, he’s referred to as “grandfather”) Russian national team member and 1999 World Champion Nikolai Kryukov was married to Anna Kovalyova, who competed on the Russian national team in the run-up to the 2000 Olympics.

Although she never became the big thing in Russian gymnastics, there was a time (1997-98) when the youthful, red-haired Kovalyova, who hailed from Novgorod outside of St. Petersburg, was Svetlana Khorkina’s lady in waiting.

She performed one of the most difficult beam routines of the 1990s. She won the Russian Cup, then the junior European Championships in 1998. But then she got injured, and disappeared.

The upshot is that Kovalyova, 25, just delivered a baby boy, the couple’s firstborn. So she hasn’t been so far away from the world of gymnastics, after all.

(via Triple Full)

2 Responses to “Wait…they’re married?!”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Yeah, Kovalyova had a very disappointing world championships in 1999, I don’t think any of her scores contributed to the team total in finals, though she did make the beam final and perform pretty well

    I guess she’s Kryukova now

  2. Gymnastics Coaching Says:

    […] Kovalyova married 1999 World Champion Nikolai Kryukov, incidentally. […]

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