Greg Marsden on the 2009 NCAA season

Greg Marsden has been coaching the Utah Utes for 34 years.

Greg Marsden has been coaching the Utah Utes for 34 years.

There’s no need to write much on the upcoming NCAA season. Utah coach Greg Marsden, whose Utes have won the most NCAA gymnastics team titles of any school in the history of the competition (yet surprisingly haven’t won since 1995), sums it up in this interview with Inside Gymnastics Magazine:

INSIDE: Georgia has been so dominant of late, and are on track to do what only you have done before: win five in a row. Can anyone beat them this year?

MARSDEN: I don’t know. They could have been beat any number of years in this streak they have. The fact is, though, that no one has. They have been at their best on that finals night and that’s what they’ve been great at, and until someone beats them on the competition floor, we’re all chasing them. They’re the best until someone beats them fair and square, at the National Championships.

Florida has been right there, right there, for the last two years, [and] I think they’ll be there again. Alabama’s been down—and when I say that I mean not in the top three. I think they were awfully young and they are more mature this year and more experienced. They have great young people coming in. They’re going to be back up there again.

UCLA, the same. There was a period of time none of us thought we’d ever beat them again. They were where Georgia is [now] and they’re poised to make a comeback.

Michigan [had a] young team [last year] but they were very consistent, very consistent. They have almost everyone back and I think they’re gonna be back at the top.

LSU made a really, really big step last season and made Super Six for, I think, the first time in school history, with a relatively young team. They’ll be back, with the potential to be even stronger.

Stanford performed wonderfully at the Championships [last year]. I think the question with them is their big [2008] senior class, kinda like us.

You look on paper and you look at the accolades of [Georgia’s] team and you do wonder how anyone can challenge, [let alone] beat them. But it happens. It will happen; maybe not this year, but this thing is cyclic in nature and we’ve been through the ups and downs.

Utah senior Kristina Baskett.

Utah senior Kristina Baskett.

People wondered if we would ever be beat at one time and now we haven’t won one since ’95. Though we’ve been second and third the last several years, there was a time we were finishing seventh and eighth and struggling. I think the mark of [greatness] is a program that has proven [it] can weather the storm: take advantage of the times they’re up and get through it when they’re down.

Marsden notes later in the interview that Utah standout Ashley Postell, who has used up her NCAA eligibility but still has a couple semesters to go before earning her degree, has been cast as a stunt double on Perfect 10, the new ABC family show about gymnastics.

Perfect 10 has reportedly started production in Los Angeles.

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