12 days of up and coming gymnasts, day nine

Russian Tatiana Nabieva

Russian Tatiana Nabieva

Tatiana Nabieva, Russia: The 2008 junior European all-around champion shows a lot of promise.

That said, promising Russian juniors of the past few years have been somewhat disappointing as seniors. Nabieva and her teammates Aliya Mustafina, Aliya’s younger sister Nailia and the rest of the Russian up-and-comers have a lot to live up to in 2009 and beyond.

Nabieva seems up to the challenge. She looks like she’s going to be taller, like Yulia Lozhechko or Svetlana Khorkina, but she’s also got some great acrobatic skills. Look at these effortless skills! (OK, that full turn on beam needs a little work, but the lift on her double back is great.)

Tatiana Nabieva, 2008 Junior European Championships, Balance Beam:

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