Skills that should be banned

For boringness, not just danger. From Gymnastics:

1) Roll-Out Moves (Men’s Floor)
Roll-out moves are banned in the women’s Code, but are allowed in men’s competition. If they’re too dangerous for women to perform, I’m not sure why men are still doing them. If the skill’s just a little off the gymnast can crunch his neck (or get a concussion), and if the skill goes very wrong much worse injuries could occur. It’s about time these moves were removed from the Code altogether.

2) Double Pike Dismount (Women’s Floor)
Though the Compulsories have been gone since 1997, in 2008 it felt like the double pike was the compulsory floor dismount for women. It’s just too boring (and simple) of a dismount for elite gymnasts — at least Olympic champion Sandra Izbasa (triple full) and runner-up Shawn Johnson (full-in) performed more difficult dismounts.

3) Side Passes (Men’s and Women’s Floor) The side passes on men’s and women’s floor have got to go, too. For women, back double fulls and front fulls seem to have taken the place of choreography, and men often use a side pass to sneak in another roll-out skill. If a gymnast can do a high-difficulty side pass it should stay in, but we really don’t need to see each male gymnast do a front 1 3/4 roll-out, and each female gymnast do a back double full.

Amen. Read the others here.

2 Responses to “Skills that should be banned”

  1. Gina Z. Says:

    I completely disagree with the double-pike. Go find Chellsie Memmel’s double pike from Olympic Trials. She stuck the hell out of it and it was BEAUTIFUL.

    However, does the side-somi on beam count as a side move? Cause I HATE when gymnasts do that on beam. Its HIDEOUS. Nastia has this beautiful, elegant routine with long, graceful lines, and then she throws in that side-somi with ugly, tucked legs and flexed feet. Its pointless, and throws off the flow.

  2. TCOisbanned? Says:

    I think that every one of the banned moves should be allowed.

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