I’ve been waiting years for this

Ohmigosh! A Shaposhnikova-full on bars! Here’s former Utah recruit (she never competed for the Utes) Chelsey Colman doing the first I’ve ever seen.

Other variations of the Shaposhnikova include Svetlana Khorkina’s signature element on bars, basically a Shaposhnikova-half, and Nicole Harris, who did a toe-on Shaposh in 2004.

The Khorkina from its creator at the 1997 World Championship Event Finals:

Harris’s take, from the 2004 American Classic:

And of course, the original, from Natalia Shaposhnikova at the 1977 USSR Cup:

The ante’s upped now. Who’s going to be the first to do the Khorkina with an extra full twist?

(via Gymnastics Coaching)

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2 Responses to “I’ve been waiting years for this”

  1. Matt Says:

    i’ve never seen the toe on khorkina before! looks neat!

  2. Erin Says:

    Don’t forget Kristen Maloney- the toe-on Shaposhnikova (minus the half-twist added by Harris) is the Maloney in the Code.

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