Aliya Mustafina’s bars

Aliya Mustafina’s bars are great. Line and swing similar to Nastia Liukin’s. But Aliya, now 14, already looks as tall as Nastia at 18. Is she going to become a Svetlana Khorkina? Can her body take it if she does?

And could someone please tell me why the Russian juniors are always collectively so great but so rather underwhelming once they become seniors?

Aliya Mustafina, 2007 Voronin Cup, Uneven Bars:

Nastia Liukin, Uneven Bars, 2004:

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4 Responses to “Aliya Mustafina’s bars”

  1. Katrina Says:

    First video says its not available anymore.

  2. el Says:

    I actually thought that Tatiana Nabieva’s bars were a lot like Nastia’s. Her swing and her Pak saulto are very similar.

  3. mrsolis Says:

    actually I agree with el, I wouldn’t have Mustafina and NAstia compared on bars. Mustafina has not the beautiful body line of NAstia, but she looks somewhat cleaner to me.

    If Mustafina is to compared with someone, it’ll be with PAvlova no question about it. Just take a look at her FX or BB, she’s as beautiful as Anna. And I do hope that in two years she could be the best of the field.

  4. jack Says:

    Her beam and floor remind me of Lobaz and of Pavlova. Bars is good too, similar stadler type elements to Nastia, but not quite the body line and extension yet.

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